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Bail Bonds Are Always a Good Option

2014-10-29 13:56:32 | 日記
For anyone who gets arrested, the idea of spending time in jail is never appealing. At the same time, neither is the prospect of having to fork over a significant sum of money to earn your freedom. That being said, getting bailed out isn't just about avoiding the slammer.

Bail bonds are always available for any criminal defendant who isn't remanded into custody, but not everyone decides that spending a large amount of money to earn temporary freedom is a worthwhile investment. Yet if you consider various factors involved, it typically is.

Bail bonds can be purchased in the name of a defendant who has had bond set by the court while he or she awaits trial. If the amount of the bond is small, the individual or his or her family can post that amount in cash or by using collateral in exchange for the bond that is used to set the individual free. If the amount is more significant, a percentage of the total can be paid in exchange for the full amount, with the added contingency that the person must show up in court in order for the money to be returned to the bonding agent. If that person does not show up, a bounty hunter can be dispatched by the agent to find him or her and return them to custody.

The financial catch is that no bail bonds are free, including ones where the full amount is fronted in cash. The bonding agent will always collect a percentage as his or her fee - usually around 10 percent of the full amount. For a more expensive bond, that can be significant money.

So why would bail bonds be worth it in most situations, especially in those that require a large financial commitment? There are a variety of reasons, each of which goes beyond simply being free.

For starters, suspected criminal offenders are typically assigned to certain jails based on their offense, or potentially on their location as well. This can mean that non-violent criminals or those on trial for lesser offenses can possibly end up in more dangerous prisons if left to linger in the system without being bailed out.

At the same time, all accused defendants must rely heavily on their legal representation to help them navigate the legal process. While those in jail are allowed visits with their attorneys, bailing out a defendant can provide more useful opportunities to meet with his or her attorney to best create a plan for defense in court.

All defendants must also accept the fact that their court proceedings may result in jail time for them. Even if they are innocent and are confident that this will be proven in court, getting bailed out can provide valuable time for a person to preparehis or her family and friends for the possibility of life without them.

Aside from these significant motivations, bail bonds can also free a defendant for any number of singular events and reasons that may be unique to the individual. The decision is ultimately a personal one that must be made on an individual basis while making sure to consider every aspect of the situation.
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