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How to Keep Your Office Clean and Tidy

2015-06-26 11:08:57 | 日記
The appearance of your office and workplace reflects your work ethics. Just like yourself, your office produces your first impression to your customers, employees, and clients. If your office is messy and dusty, then it is more likely that they would think that you do not produce high quality work and cannot pay attention to details. On the other hand, if they see that things on top of your desk are organized, papers are not cluttered, and everything is clean in your office, others might think that you can work more efficiently and professionally.

But let us face the fact that not many people like cleaning since it is a very tedious and arduous task. Some people might also argue that they are already too tired of their work that cleaning their office lies last in their priorities. If you have the same view, then you need to hire a cleaning service to take care of your cleaning tasks.

In selecting the cleaning service you will hire, check the business directory and/or search the internet. Even if there is only one name that appears on screen, you can still ask other company or your peers about what business service they would recommend.

When you have already decided what cleaning service you will hire, inquire about the service’s security policies and their screening procedure in choosing employees. Of course, you need to be assured that the service’s employees would do their job properly in your office. Ask about the cleaning methods they have, the cleaning materials they will utilize, the insurance coverage, the satisfaction guarantee, and whether their employees are regular or contractual.

However, if you think that you do not anymore need to hire cleaning services and you’re willing to do the task, and then start to take time out to clean. Keeping your office clean and tidy require your time and effort to achieve satisfying results.

First, you need to make a weekly clean up schedule. Make sure you assign priorities and tasks that you need to accomplish at the end of each day. Start cleaning those areas that are most noticeable to visitors and clients like the reception and foyers, and then proceed to the offices. Also, do not forget to clean up public or customer’s restrooms, the hallways, stairs, and the employee’s restrooms. File all papers properly after you are done with them to make sure they would not mix up. Also, remember that you are not alone and you can always tap other employees who are willing to help you on your cleaning task.

Among all the areas you should clean thoroughly, you should pay more attention at cleaning the foyer or the reception area since it is the first seen. Ensure that there are trash cans in these areas especially at entrances. Aside from that, mop the wide floor area at least once a week, but clean windows and glass daily. Vacuum every carpet and use spray cleaner in all furniture and door knobs. Lastly, use dust mop to remove cobwebs in walls and ceilings and to keep them dust and lint free.

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