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As for my blog's photos

2017年06月28日 | 日記
Someone told me it's not fair to blur Japanese people's faces
but not foreign people's.

I got permission about posting their photos.
When I asked my foreign friends if I post their photos in my blog,they said ok.

I remember clearly I asked Melissa,Chelsea,Lara...
"I blur my face in the blog, do you need to blur your face,too?"

They answered "why?" and they said they don't mind if I don't blur their faces.

I may have forgotten to ask some people about blurring.

On the other hand,
Japanese people want the faces to be blurred.

In Japan, in general

only famous figures like actors appear on their blog and show their faces.

Ordinary people don't appear on their blog.

If someone appears on their blog, they look as if they seem to have
self-confidence about their appearances and look outstanding.
They seem to act like celebrities.

Ordinary Japanese people are reluctant to appear without blurring on the blog.

So Japanese people's faces are blurred and foreign people's are not.

I don't intend to discriminate people.

If someone want me to blur your face, please let me know about it.

It may take time, but we'll blur your faces.

Thank you.
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Unknown (Unknown)
2017-07-03 08:19:14

So in Japan, it is polite to blur people's faces unless they are celebrities.
Your foreign friends are not celebrities.
But they are in Japan.
So it is polite to blur their faces.

In my country, it is strange to write what your friends tell you on your blog with many details.
It is better to use a fake name and not share so many details.
This is because the internet is public and it can be seen forever.

Even if your friends say it is ok, people who read your blog do not know. So they think you don't care about your foreign friends as much as your Japanese hulemdos.
Maybe this is a misunderstanding but please look at your blog from a foreigner's perspective.
If you were a foreigner, would you want to be friends with the blog writer?

It is better to be safe and blur their faces and keep their information private.
If your friends say "don't blur my face" then you can show it.