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The reason why I fought

2016-12-20 23:22:32 | 日記
Even if I become an adult, I feel that the reason for fighting has not changed as much as the difference between the time of a child and the basic reason.
The serious reason is different for each person
Is that serious? Sometimes I quarrel with what I did not expect.
Even if it seems a stupid reason, that is a serious reason.
Never going so well, not to misunderstand
Because nobody is in a bad situation
But, I feel that there are people who sometimes love rubrics.
Even if I say so far,
Even if I say so loudly,
If I can come up with such a fight
There is that it will run out.

The reason for the fight that happened around me. . . .
Oh, my remark is a quarrel!
Because, there are many things I do not like
I always make a mistake on my fighting after the fight.
What you can keep silent Always speaking earlier than your heart
It is a person who does not easily recover

The reason why I fought
To a boss who presses easily what does not do at work
And for colleagues who answer "high" without being able to do it
Never, I am not thinking positive.
I would like to reply after drawing up possible countermeasures
How can we do what we can not do?
List the reasons why it is impossible and devise a countermeasure
I want to answer after countermeasures are made so that I can do it

Regarding the reason for the fight that other people did
Listen closely to the story of a fight
I will consider plans that both go well.

I will find a place to put up with a little in either case.
I will look for a place to accept each other a little.

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