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試験番号: 1Z0-330
試験名: Oracle Workforce Compensation Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
試験時間:120 minutes
出題数: 76
出題形式:Multiple Choice
受験料(税抜き): 26600 円
Oracle Workforce Rewards Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials試験は、Oracle HCM Cloud Serviceソリューションの販売と実装に関する強力な基盤と専門知識を持つ個人向けに設計されています。
Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330認定試験では、基本給、個別報酬、労働力報酬、および総報酬声明などの項目が含まれます。

TestpassportのOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330問題集は多くの時間とお金が使わないようにIT技術にも身につけさせてます。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330試験資料は自分の知識と技能を高めることに助けになれることだけでなく、さまざまな条件であなたのキャリアを助けることもできます。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330受験対策を使って、10~20時間の独学だけで、お客様の時間と精力を節約して、一発合格が可能です。
1.You client has a requirement that allows a salary adjustment based on the number of dependents the
employee has, and this allowance must be mapped to a separate component. Because this allowance
cannot have a logical mapping with any of the predefined components, you decide to create a new salary
component called “Family Allowance”.
Which option would you use to achieve this? (Choose the best answer.)
A. The Configure Compensation Component task in Manage plans
B. The Salary Component Lookup
C. It is not possible to achieve this, because only the delivered salary components can be used.
D. The Compensation Models
Answer: A
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E60665_01/common/FAIWC/F1477720AN1CD0E.htm#F14
2.A corporation implemented Fusion Compensation and must run a compensation cycle. The corporation
has seven different active components in the salary basis. Salaries of all the employees must be updated
in bulk mode.
Which statement is true about the bulk update using Integrated Workbook? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Integrated Workbook can be used to update all the seven components.
B. Only the first four active components will be loaded at a time by Integrated Workbook.
C. Only the first five active components will be loaded at a time by Integrated Workbook.
D. Only the first six active components will be loaded at a time by Integrated Workbook.
Answer: D
3.Which two statements are true about Base Pay? (Choose two.)
A. For Base Pay earnings elements, eligibility is determined by the salary basis that is assigned to the
B. You attach elements at various levels in the Salary object hierarchy to create deductions and earnings
that can be processed in a payroll run to calculate Base Pay.
C. You attach a single earnings element to each salary basis to hold Base Pay earnings, and assign a
salary basis to each worker to calculate Base Pay.
D. You enter a salary basis for each worker that becomes the worker’s Base Pay earnings.
E. For Base Pay earnings elements, eligibility is determined by the deduction basis that is assigned to the
Answer: B,E
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E60665_01/common/FAIWC/F1443670AN12C58.htm#F595

次に、Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330試験の一般的な出題内容を示します。 ただし、Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330試験によっては、ここに示されていない関連分野も出題される場合があります。Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330試験内容をより適切に反映させ、明確にするために、次のガイドラインは事前の通告なく変更されることがあります。

Elements, Balances, and Formulas
Manage fast formulas
Create element eligibility criteria
Describe element classifications
Explain deductions
Explain earnings

Base Pay
Explain salary basis
Describe salary components
Manage base pay
Set up grade rates

Individual Compensation
Explain individual compensation plans
Describe variable allocation approvals
Configure compensation history
Manage personal contributions
Configure individual compensation

Workforce Compensation
Explain compensation plan design choices
Manage and administer compensation plans
Set up plan cycles
Configure budget page layouts
Configure performance ratings
Implement approvals
Administer compensation plans
Configure plan access
Manage compensation change statements
Configure compensation worksheets
Manage models and budgets

Total Compensation Statements
Explain total compensation statements
Manage statement definitions
Generate total compensation statements
Configure compensation items
Set up compensation categories

Workforce Compensation Plans and Batch Processes
Validate workforce compensation plans
Implement compensation processes
Execute related batch processes

弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330問題と解答はあなたが必要とした一切の試験トレーニング資料を準備して差し上げます。
もし、Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330試験に合格しない場合は、全額返金します。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-330学習資料と比較してから、試験範囲が広くてまたネット上でダウンロードを発見してしまいました。
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