刑務所 女子大とのコラボで社会復帰促進

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女子大と刑務所が協定 京都、異色のコラボで社会復帰促進 




京都新聞 oct./2016



例えば、米国東部のボストン市にある私立ボストン大学では「受刑者のための教育プログラム(Prison Education Program)」をもうけており、これまでに342人の受刑者が、同大学から名誉ある学士号や修士号を授与されている。



ボストン大学(BU) / 受刑者教育プログラム

Welcome to the BU Prison Education Program

At Boston University, we believe in the power of education to elevate, nurture, and transform. While all college students grow as they engage in new ways of thinking, the impact of education is especially evident in prison. Rigorous study gives prisoners the intellectual leverage they need to revise their view of themselves and leave prison better equipped to contribute positively to their families and communities. Postsecondary education is not the only way to change a life, alter a world view, improve a future, or enhance a community—but it is the way to which we are committed.

Boston University hopes this website will support the efforts of all those who are—or would like to become—involved in post-secondary prison education, whether as faculty, students or researcher. We invite the inquiries of those engaged in research, those looking for guidance to launch a program of their own, or those merely curious about prison education.

We hope current and prospective faculty of the BU Prison Education Program or similar programs will find our Prison Education Faculty Resources Center meaningful and relevant to their experience teaching in a prison setting.

Finally, we encourage research on prison education, both scholarly and journalistic, and hope our website can contribute as a resource. Please contact us with questions or suggestions as to how to improve our website. We are grateful for your interest.




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