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How To Test TLE4922 By Using Speed Sensor 2Go Design Kit

2017-07-13 17:19:56 | 日記

Infineon's sensor development kit will greatly reduce the design effort, thereby reducing development time and reduce system costs. In order to achieve fast and reliable speed, Infineon Technologies AG introduced the new Hall sensor TLE4922 and supporting the "Speed Sensor 2Go" design kit. The TLE4922 is designed for industrial and automotive applications where fast and reliable speeds are critical, such as speed detection of crankshaft and gearboxes in two-wheeled and tricycles. Industrial applications include production and building automation and speed detection of electric drive control devices.

TLE4922 ensures reliable speed and reduces system cost
The TLE4922 Hall sensor reliably measures magnetic field changes. This means that it can be used for multi-class wheel speed detection, such as magnetic encoder wheels or ferromagnetic gears. In addition to a wide range of applications, TLE4922 also help to reduce system costs. For example, it supports the use of simple and cost-effective back magnetic, while achieving high air gap performance and phase accuracy. The sensor is also very strong in resistance to vibration and air gap jump, enabling accurate speed detection within +/- 400 mT wide magnetic field. Larger working range simplifies circuit design and improves sensor flexibility and robustness. This makes the sensor easier to install, thus further helping to reduce system costs.

TLE4922 is particularly suitable for TIM (Twist standalone) configuration. Therefore, it can replace the motor and the two wheels and the car wheel on the passive speed sensor. Compared to the passive speed sensor, TLE4922 can accurately measure the starting speed to 0 Hz. In addition, it also has good jitter performance, and provides a number of protection features to prevent short circuit, overheating and reverse voltage. Good electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and ESD robustness make it suitable for use in harsh environments. The operating voltage is 4.5 V to 18 V and the operating temperature range is -40 ° C to 155 ° C. The sensor is available in a 4-pin SSO package.You can buy electronic parts from

Easily implement sensor design with the "SpeedSensor 2Go" kit
With the "SpeedSensor 2Go" kit, developers can easily and quickly evaluate TLE4922. In this way, they can quickly understand the work of TLE4922 in a variety of applications. The initial measurement can be done in just a few minutes. The Speed Sensor 2Go kit includes sensor modules, interface boards, and cables. The sensor module integrates the TLE4922 sensor and ferrite magnets. The interface board has two XMC microcontrollers: one for triggering and one for debugging. The USB cable provided in the kit is available for PC connection. Graphical user interface (GUI) -based evaluation tools can record and graphically display velocity data. In addition to the "Speed Sensor 2Go" kit, Infineon offers additional support for sensor simulation, software-based development tools such as System C models or special assessment tools.

Reference: 74hc595 and ds18b20

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