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The Reason To Choose Qualcomm Snapdragon

2017-05-18 16:46:19 | 日記

Today, the rapid development of today's smart phones, mobile processor chip emerge one after another, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung's Orion, MediaTek Xi Li, Huawei Haisi's unicorn chip, but why only Qualcomm dominated the mobile processor half of the chip market? Why most of the mobile phone manufacturers will choose Qualcomm's processor in the world?

Throughout the global consumer electronics market, mobile processor is the core of smart phones, Qualcomm was established in July 1985, set up not long before the high-speed to master the core technology of mobile chips, through continuous patent authorization to obtain a lot of money, you can say Qualcomm's success is still relatively early business, it has the accumulation of more communications technology patents. Of course, this is Qualcomm's own hard power inseparable relationship, Qualcomm launched the first WCDMA multi-mode chip in 2003, which should be Qualcomm relatively early physical model of the multi-model, but the mobile phone chip is the core part of the phone , not only the communication baseband, but also includes the CPU GPU sound card network card, smart high-pass and constant multi-chip manufacturers, do the integrated packaged services, for their customers to recommend a patent to buy,which is not too much trouble, so well, I'll give you a package, not only the communication baseband, I also give you CPU. This is Qualcomm's smart, if the mobile phone chip, to provide a mobile phone integrated solution, then the mobile phone manufacturers do not be more simple mobile phone? Is that better? In this way, Qualcomm Xiao Long processor was born. Different from the other compaines, it is the use of ARM's public version of the framework, but Qualcomm's SOC there is a feature, that is both independent research and development framework, but also the arm of the authorized structure, the two can be flexible according to the actual Is no other manufacturers. Although Samsung can also, Because of the lack of experience, coupled with baseband, wifi, GPS and other chips, he can not design, or else design is not very good, and before the same Huawei Haisi. Plus the use of the public version of the licensing costs of low calorific value of the public version of the GPU, naturally can not like Qualcomm to provide a more complete solution.

Now it into the smart phone era, smart phones are not only functional diversification, performance is also a very important indicator. 2009 AMO go the most wrong way,which is to buy AMD's ATI mobile gpu sector related technology patents sold to Qualcomm, which is now Qualcomm Xiaolong chip adreno series gpu. Naturally, more mobile phone manufacturers are more willing to use integrated, packaged strong Qualcomm SOC, the reason is why many mobile phone manufacturers do not want to use Samsung soc. Besides, Xilinx and Intel’s chips also are competitive, such as XC7K325T-1FFG900I and JS28F128J3D75.

MediaTek is started from the DVD chip, so vivo often use his chip to do HiFi mobile phone. We know that the rise of Qualcomm is the decline of MediaTek time, just the phone from the 2g network access to 3G network era, by virtue of the CDMA and other network patents in the rich accumulation of Qualcomm in one fell swoop as a chip leader, to help competitors Texas Instruments, British Weida out of the mobile phone chip market. China Unicom signed an unauthorized patent agreement with Qualcomm. As the Chinese market is the world's largest smart phone market, complex network, mobile phone manufacturers to produce mobile phones must meet the operators to develop network standards. MediaTek chip, although cheap, but the network only to support aspects, less than high-pass, so the mobile phone manufacturers can only choose Qualcomm chips. Quickly SOC market in the high-pass to occupy half of the country. Buy baseband to send the processor policy is very effective.

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