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The Difference Of Keil uVision5、RealView MDK And Keil C51

2017-06-22 15:26:33 | 日記

This paper will tell you what is the reationship of KEIL uVision,KEIL MDK,KEIL For ARM,RealView MDK,KEIL C51,KEIL C166,KEIL C251.

Starting from the contact MCS-51 single-chip, we know that there is a software called KEIL. In the development of single-chip, the use of C language or assembly language, we know that these two languages can not be directly programmed into the microcontroller, the implementation does not speak for the time being, just the size of the code is enough to break the entire microcontroller.

So, we need a software, the C language or assembly language compiler to generate single-chip executable binary code, and its size is also very small, enough to store in the microcontroller's memory inside.

KEIL company (now a company of ARM) software can provide such a function, and it also has many advantages, such as engineering easy to manage, automatically load the startup code, set editing, compilation, simulation, debugging powerful The Therefore, whether it is beginner microcontroller enthusiasts, or experienced engineers, are very fond of using these software.

However, even if the skilled use of the KEIL software, some of the concepts we are not easy to clear, often confused. KEIL, uVision, RealView, MDK, KEIL C51, what is the difference between them, what is the link? Here we do a detailed analysis.

KEIL is the name of the company, and sometimes also refers to all of KEIL's software development tools, the current 2005 Keil acquired by ARM, ARM became one of the companies. All of them can be buy on electronic components online shop.

UVision is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by KEIL, similar to Eclipse. It includes uVision2, uVision3, uVision4, uVision5 four versions, the latest version is uVision5. It provides an environment, so that developers (including uVision2, uVision3, uVision4, uVision5 four versions, the latest version is uVision5. Easy to operate, does not provide specific compilation and download functions that require software developers to add. UVisionu common in KEIL development tools, such as MDK, PK51, PK166, DK251 and so on.

RealView is a series of development tools set, referred to as RV, including RVD (RealView Debugger), RVI (RealView ICE), RVT (RealView Trace), RVDS (RealView Development Suite), RV MDK (RealView Microcontroller Development Kit) these products The These are designed to make it easy for customers to remember to take a promotional strategy.

For example, Mill Technology is a main high-quality ARM industrial board business, its product line from the industrial control board (development board), single board and the core board composition, although it can be called the industrial control board, but in order to make customers clear Understand the function of the product, the selection, so it is divided into three series. But in 2009 ARM has announced the use of Realview to stop the brand, so the current ARM left the ARM and KEIL two brands.

MDK (Microcontroller Development Kit), also known as MDK-ARM, KEIL MDK, RealView MDK, KEIL For ARM, are the same thing. ARM is now unified use MDK-ARM name, MDK equipment database has a lot of manufacturers of chips, is designed for micro-controller development tools, to meet the MCU based on embedded software development needs of engineers designed to support ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M4 / M3 / M1, Cortex-R0 / R3 / R4 and other ARM microcontroller core. As the same rule, you will want to know how to use ds18b20 with arduino and how to recharge cr123a batteries.

KEIL C51, which is PK51, KEIL company developed based on uVision IDE, support most of the 8051 core microcontroller development tools.

KEIL C166, which is PK166, KEIL company developed based on uVision IDE, support most of the XC16x, C16x and ST10 series of microcontroller development tools.

KEIL C251, the DK251, is a development tool based on the uVision IDE developed by KEIL to support the vast majority of 251-based microcontrollers.

In summary, KEIL currently has four independent embedded software development tools, namely MDK, KEIL C51, KEIL C166, KEIL C251, they are KEIL company under the brand products, are based on uVision integrated development environment, which MDK is RealView series of members.

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