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Toshiba Launched First BiCS QLC FLASH ™ 3D Flash

2017-07-12 15:58:19 | 日記

Toshiba Memory Co., Ltd., a global leader in memory solutions, today announced that it has developed a prototype sample of a 96-layer BiCS FLASH ™ 3D (3D) flash using a stacked architecture, which uses a three-bit (third-order storage unit , TLC) technology. The 96-layer new product is 256 gigabits (32GB) of equipment, the sample is expected to be released in the second half of 2017, mass production plans to start in 2018. The new product meets market requirements and performance specifications for enterprise and consumer SSDs, smartphones, tablets and memory cards.

In the future, Toshiba Storage will use its new 96-layer process technology and 4-bit (fourth-order storage unit, QLC) technology in its larger capacity products such as its 512-gigabit (64GB) capacity in the near future.

The innovative 96-layer stacking process combines advanced circuit and manufacturing technology to increase storage capacity by approximately 40% per unit chip size compared to the 64-layer stacking process. The process reduces the bit storage price and improves the manufacturability of the storage capacity of each silicon wafer.

Since the launch of the world's first 3D flash memory technology prototype in 2007, Toshiba Memory has continued to drive the development of 3D flash memory and actively promote BiCS FLASH ™ technology to meet the market for smaller bare chip area, larger capacity flash memory The demand.

The 96-layer BiCS FLASH ™ will be manufactured at Fab 5, Fab 2, and Fab 6, which will open in the summer of 2018, at the four-day production base.

Multi-bit memory stores data by managing the number of electrons in each individual storage unit. Implementing QLC technology brings a range of technical challenges, with the same number of bits in the same number of bits required for each additional, requiring twice the accuracy of TLC technology. Toshiba Memory Co., Ltd. uses its advanced circuit design capabilities and industry-leading 64-layer 3D flash memory technology to create QLC 3D flash memory.

The prototype uses 64-layer 3D flash memory technology, with the world's largest bare chip capacity (768 gigabits / 96 GB). Prototypes were sent to solid-state drives and solid-state drive controllers at the beginning of June for evaluation and development.You also can buy them from electronic component distributor.

QLC 3D Flash also implements a 1.5TB storage device with 16-cell stacked architecture in a single package, the industry's largest storage capacity [4]. This groundbreaking product sample will be unveiled at the 2017 Flash Summit in Santa Clara, California, USA, August 7-10.

Toshiba Memory Co., Ltd. has achieved mass production of 64-layer 256-gigabit (32 GB) equipment. With the expansion of mass production, the company will continue to demonstrate the company's industry leadership by promoting technology development. The new QLC product is focused on meeting the growing demand for high-density, chip-sized flash memory solutions for enterprise-class SSDs, consumer-grade SSDs, and memory cards.

Reference: atmega328p datesheet and cr123a datesheet

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