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VLSI International Symposium In 2017

2017-06-09 16:38:50 | 日記

Recently, Tsinghua University, Professor of micro-nano, Professor Wei Shaoyun team held in Kyoto, Japan 2017 VLSI Symposia on Technology and Circuits (VLSI International Symposium) published a entitled "A 1.06-to-5.09 TOPS / W Reconfigurable Hybrid-Neural-Network Processor for Deep Learning Applications ".

The first author, Yin shouyi gave a detailed account of the team's significant progress in the field of artificial intelligence chips. This is the first time as the first author of the Department of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University, published the paper at the international conference.

In the increasingly hot artificial intelligence today, the existing common computing platform (CPU, GPU and FPGA, etc.) is difficult to achieve energy-efficient neural network computing, explore the new neural network computing chip architecture has become a hot topic and cutting frontiers. Over the past few years, Yin first professor for this cutting-edge issues, led the research and design of the reconfigurable multi-modal hybrid neural computing chip (code Thinker).

Thinker chip based on the team's long-term accumulation of reconfigurable computing chip technology, using reconfigurable architecture and circuit technology, breaking the neural network computing and access to the bottleneck, to achieve a high efficiency multi-modal hybrid neural network computing. Thinker chip has a high efficiency of the outstanding advantages of its energy efficiency compared to the current depth of learning in the extensive use of the GPU to enhance the three orders of magnitude. Thinker chip supports circuit-level programming and reconstruction, is a common neural network computing platform, can be widely used in robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, smart cars, smart home, security monitoring and consumer electronics and other fields.

VLSI International Symposium began in 1987, is the world's advanced semiconductor and integrated circuit of the academic event, is the international microelectronics field of top meetings, and ISSCC and IEDM and microelectronics technology and the field of "Olympic event." The VLSI International Symposium only receives innovative research results with great potential. Intel, IBM and many other core technologies are mostly selected for the first time at the VLSI International Symposium.

At the 2017 Ultra-Large integrated circuit Technology Seminar in Kyoto, Japan, IBM detailed the results of this research. "The development of semiconductor technology is critical to enabling businesses and the community to meet the needs of cognitive and cloud computing in the future," said Arvind Krishna, senior vice president of IBM.

The use of silicon nanotube transistors demonstrates that five nanometer chips are possible and are more powerful and will be put into use in the near future. Compared with the market's leading ten nanometer technology, five nanometer chip technology will improve performance by 40%.

Reference : atmega328p pinout
ne555p datasheet

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