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Who Is The Giant Of Chip?

2017-05-17 17:53:47 | 日記

Last Wednesday, at the 2017 GPU Technology Symposium, the founder of NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun announced that Toyota will use the Nvidia Drive PX Artificial Intelligence platform to develop advanced autopilot systems that can be used for mass production.

Toyota Institute of TRI joined hands in the NVIDIA,which can be described as "within the expected,but it is reasonable", the vehicle in the previous article "AI car ecology matures, the NVIDIA takes the car to drive the upstream and downstream industry chain | CES 2017" .The two companies may play together in the future, after all, the NVIDIA CO-PILOT and Toyota 'driving guard Guardian' concept is too similar.

A year ago, Toyota Research Institute CEO Gill Pratt in the 2016 GPU technology conference has delivered a keynote speech, he stressed the "why simulation is the key to automatic driving technology research and development." The safety of consumers is the first sense of R & D autopilot. If you do not use simulation to enhance the real environment of massive data learning and awareness, even if the test mileage accumulated to billions of kilometers, I am afraid can not find a "border situation"

The NVIDIA Drive PX is a GPU-based artificial intelligence supercomputing platform, it can handle real-time sensor input a lot of data, combined with Toyota's own development of the simulation program, is to achieve mass production of automatic driving cars into the mainstream consumer market.

Toyota will carry out two studies of 'virtual driver Chauffeur' and 'driving guard Guardian' in the future, and the latter may be faster than the progress of the former. You will find that this two-way path of the R & D strategy reflects both Toyota's attitude towards automatic driving cautious, but also based on the reality of the rational considerations. The introduction of artificial intelligence is into the car, it can help the human driver to deal with a variety of complex traffic scene, encounter extreme situations through active intervention, to maximize the safety of drivers and passengers. At this point, NVIDIA and Toyota are "coincidental".

So the result is obvious! With the addition of Toyota, NVIDIA has already owned Audi, Daimler, Volkswagen, Toyota four host factory partners, but also Volvo, Tesla and Wei Lai car to a considerable degree of cooperation. In addition, Bosch and ZF, the two major suppliers of Tier 1, have launched a Volkswagen-based automated production drive system based on Drive PX. What is more, there are many other types, such as ISO124P and AD7705BRZ.

In this fierce competition, the NVIDIA and Intel is the two main players. Of course, the entire automotive industry is still in the L4 / L5 level autopilot very early development stage, a variety of solutions are also emerging, it can not assert which platform will achieve the final victory.

I would like to reiterate that "Intel as a data solution provider will play an important role in the field of automatic driving," said Katie Winter, the vice president and general manager of Intel's ADG.

According to her description, 90 minutes of data generated by the capacity of up to 4TB, and Intel is the only one for the OEM and Tier 1 suppliers to provide a complete solution chip supplier. The advantage of this solution is the ability to handle a wide variety of mixed data, including in-car, networked systems and cloud servers. Although Intel has not previously released the architecture details of its autopilot platform-related products, Winter said, "Intel's CPUs, FPGAs, AIs and software solutions have been tuned to the specific requirements of automotive partners, The purpose is as soon as possible a high degree of automation or even unmanned vehicles to the consumer market.

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