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Fighting Between Qualcomm And MediaTek In Mobile Phone Chip

2017-05-16 17:33:42 | 日記

In recent years, battery technology is the lack of effective innovation and breakthrough, what is more,the current mainstream smart phone size has been enlarged to the large screen area of 5.5 to 6.5 inches, end consumers for the use of products and power requirements increasingly strong, Qualcomm, MediaTek and other mobile phone chip manufacturers have launched a new wave of power-saving competition, including fast charging function to enhance the efficiency of the core chip, etc., to effectively enhance customer satisfaction and consumer experience, and ahead of the layout 5G chip generation business opportunities.

MediaTek uses three clusters (Tri Cluster) computing architecture, hoping to save CPU power consumption through effective division of labor, Qualcomm will put the overall smart phone performance together, in addition to lower core CPU power consumption, but also for RF chip solutions introduced more Effective energy saving innovation module.

These energy-saving programs, the reason is that the smart phone performance is more powerful, but why the battery capacity is difficult to effectively multiply, in order to avoid consumers from time to time the battery exhausted difficulties, Qualcomm, MediaTek for its mobile phone chip platform, launched its own Quick Charge and Pump Express fast charge specifications, and even 2017 has entered the 4.0 version, can provide consumers in 5 to 15 minutes surge in battery capacity of more than 15 to 50% to meet the consumer demand for battery capacity surge. What is more, the marekt of electronic components distributor also has fierce competition.

2017 Apple's new iPhone will be equipped with wireless charging function, which is already in Qualcomm and MediaTek chip technology layout blueprint, and even related specifications of high compatibility single-chip solution has long since come out, waiting for the terminal market demand, such fast charge and Wireless charging application design, are to allow mobile phone battery capacity that can often be maintained at a certain level.

In addition, Qualcomm and MediaTek also consider emphasis on the efficiency of chip solutions and power efficiency enhancements, the industry that into the 14/16 nanometer process, whether it is down 10 or 7 nanometer generation, mobile phone CPU itself can get the grain area Miniature benefits, has long been less than the high price of chip development and mask costs, and high cost of foundry costs, but the global mobile phone chip suppliers are still competing for the first mass production of 7/10 nano-production, is to save more effective mobile phone CPU Computing power consumption.

As a result of different chip integration and module solutions, it can greatly save unnecessary power consumption, this new trend, so that the most popular mobile phone race in the past, began to be different functions, synchronous operation of the use of the length of time replaced by the game.

In 2005, MediaTek uses the three-cluster design and computing architecture to launch a code of up to 10 core mobile phone solutions, codenamed Helio X20, which, when the car is running, is designed to keep the smartphone open during the different functions, When the power consumption to save design, this innovative concept once to MediaTek rampant global mid-range mobile phone chip market.

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