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Three Important Directions Of Artificial Intelligence

2017-06-22 16:57:56 | 日記

Justine Cassell, as vice president of the World Economic Forum's Artificial Intelligence Committee and vice president of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, he can be said to be not only the top experts in the field of human-computer interaction in the United States, but also the world's artificial intelligence field authority.

In her eyes, the most valuable technical point of artificial intelligence lies in how artificial intelligence is combined with humans, making humans more powerful, and the machines can be symbiotic. And specific to the direction of business applications, artificial intelligence there are three important directions: First, information aggregation, the second is to assess the user emotions and response, the third is to establish a relationship with the user.

June 8, "Daily Economic News" reporter had the honor to Cassell face to face, and on the topic of artificial intelligence to her interview.

"Daily Economic News" reporter (hereinafter referred to as NBD): Do you think the era of artificial intelligence has really come?

Justin Cassell: Since 1955, the "Artificial Intelligence Age" will be announced every five years. Now the era of artificial intelligence has come, but today it has a new meaning, artificial intelligence is not a technology, but a technology to use the method. It is a process of modeling, or imitation of human things can be done, or in other ways to achieve the same results and artificial - but may be done better. In this respect, we have done better because of the deep network machine learning this tool.

NBD: At present, research and initiative in the field of artificial intelligence seem to focus more on large enterprises like Google, "BAT". What do you think of this phenomenon? How will this pattern affect?
Justin Cassell: I do not think so, but it is easier for large companies to do research than universities and small companies. It is worth noting that Google because of the acquisition of a lot of small companies need to integrate their business, and then rename themselves as Alphabet. So in fact, Google is not just a "big" company, which consists of a lot of acquired companies, different business and new series to carry out. Artificial intelligence research does not have to be done by big companies. Artificial intelligence also needs programme and chips, such as how to bootloader atmega328p and how to use 74hc595 shift register.

NBD: Do you think the current Chinese artificial intelligence research and development how, at what stage?
Justin Cassell: China's artificial intelligence research and development, and its investment in China and the world, the development was very fast, very significant. Perhaps five years ago, China was not considered to be the main force of artificial intelligence, but today, everyone is aware of the development of Chinese artificial intelligence is very important to the world.

NBD: What do you think of China's development of artificial intelligence?

Justin Cassell: The most powerful part of artificial intelligence technology today is computer vision, natural language processing, recommendation systems and network security. Natural language technology is one of the core parts of artificial intelligence, its development is inseparable from Chinese. Therefore, China's artificial intelligence technology will be through the products, algorithms and data sets to apply to its market, its volume has been far ahead.What is more, you can buy electronic components online or choose where to buy electronic components locally to make the artificial intelligence robot.

NBD: On the technical side, the current development of AI is the biggest difficulty?

Justin Cassell: There are still a lot of difficulties that we seem very small in Artificial Intelligence Development. For example, although artificial intelligence looks very advanced, but they lack common sense.

NBD: What do you think is the breakthrough in the future of artificial intelligence in the business world?

Justin Cassell: To increase the popularity of artificial intelligence in business applications, we need to mystery the artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not impossible, it is not only belong to the genius or large companies to study things. Everyone has the opportunity to use artificial intelligence. For example, you can apply artificial intelligence, algorithms to your business, to create intelligent buildings. Enterprises can learn through the machine, the algorithm to collect lighting, heating, air conditioning data, and then automatically adjust these electronic equipment to save energy.

NBD: in the future, in which area, artificial intelligence will develop faster?

Justin Cassell: The entertainment industry has benefited from artificial intelligence, and I think China's wisdom architecture is a very important area and will be fruitful. I see Alibaba in the construction of a smart building open platform for everyone to use, which is very interesting. Wisdom building is a very important area, of course, there are many other areas.

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