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RFID Chip Will Be More And More Important

2017-05-16 17:01:36 | 日記

Recently, the Internet fashion brand Huimei Group officially RFID (radio frequency identification) technology was applied to its main brand of "Yin Man" products. It is reported that the the RFID chip will be in each Yin Man new product , which is implanted a smaller than a grain of rice, the naked eye is not easy to detect, each piece of clothing is corresponding to the only standard code. When the user picks up the clothes into the dressing area, the RFID device reads the chip information on the clothes. On the display screen, it can display the clothes-related pictures, online baby descriptions, buyer reviews, etc., and can also be realized self-service payment.

RFID is referred to Radio Frequency Identification, it is non-contact automatic identification technology, also known as electronic tags. It can be in the absence of staff operation, through the RF signal automatically identify the target object and obtain the relevant data, RFID system consists of a reader and a lot of transponders (tags), RFID reader through the antenna and RFID tags for wireless communication , You can read or write the operation tag identification code and memory data and information. RFID technology can also identify high-speed moving objects, and can identify multiple labels at the same time, quick and easy operation.

RFID technology is emerged during the Second World War, its powerful storage and identification system, as a powerful application technology to assist in all types of industry management, but in the past few decades, because of its high cost, and did not get a wide range development. However, with the rapid development of the economy in recent years, the cost of the technology has been greatly reduced, RFID technology has been widely used in medical, aviation, retail and library management areas, saving a lot of human resources and labor costs.

The garment industry is a set of R & D design, production and sales in one of the industry, the current garment industry in these areas, the cost of a lot of manpower and capital costs, such as inventory consolidation, design information storage and access, sales staff, etc. There are huge resource costs and waste problems on the issue. In the work efficiency also need to be improved. Based on these problems, the application of RFID technology in garment enterprises, can effectively reduce the cost of human resources, thereby reducing the cost of capital, so it greatly improve its efficiency.

Application of RFID technology, you can phone the RFID tag to archive, and then through the mobile phone software to identify the label, you can clearly see the clothing fabric, color and style. This does not require the designer to copy and ensure the accuracy of the results.How to find the best RFID? There are many electronic component distributor for your to choose, is a independent distributor of electronic components. We provide a one stop service for OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Service & Repair Organizations, Distributors, R&D Groups and other companies that require electronic components.

In addition, the design company will usually use the style that was designed in previous years, the style of the book, and to indicate the goods number, stick to the fabric sample, as the company's information preserved. This preservation is a waste of manpower, but also a waste of space, a long time to preserve its integrity will decline. So the clothing design is completed, the clothing name, grade, article number, fabric, style and color specifications through the UHF card reader to write RFID tags, simply keep the RFID tags, the company can be a good resource saved, as long as the RFID reader can read the specific information of the information.

For retail stores, anti-theft is the most basic needs, the current RFID technology as a retail store anti-theft measures is a very common application, and can effectively prevent consumers from paying the goods to take the situation.

For consumers, RFID technology also provides a very convenient way to buy their own style, such as the retail store to install an RFID reader, consumers can independently through the form of RFID tags to check their own products Other colors, numbers and prices and other aspects of the situation, you can also real-time understanding of their favorite products sales. This will not only meet the needs of consumers relaxed and independent shopping, but also reduce the retail sales burden.

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