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Does Bluetooth headset have radiation?

2017-06-30 19:11:08 | 日記
Today is an era of information, information technology will herald the emergence of a large number of electronic products, followed by a large number of electronic and electromagnetic radiation. Does the bluetooth headphones used as an electronic product have radiation? This is also a topic of concern for fans of Bluetooth headsets. Through my years of experience and research, in fact, small electronic products have radiation, said that no radiation is quite reliable, but experts also explained, electronic products should not be used without radiation to measure, and should be used to determine the size of radiation.

Studies show that the radiation of home microwave ovens is 1/100000 of Bluetooth headsets, which fully demonstrates that Bluetooth headsets do not mean radiation, but radiation. In fact, the biggest source of communication equipment around us is our mobile phones, which are very noticeable to our radiation. Do not know if you have experience, we call a long time will feel the neck ache, ears have a sound mind, some fameng. The reason for this phenomenon is the signal of the cell phone, the strong magnetic wave on our radiation. If a long time in this situation, coupled with the pressure of work, will lead to dizziness, insomnia, dreams, fatigue, and eventually lead to other diseases. How much harm does visible radiation do to us?.

Now, the emergence of Bluetooth headset solves the problem of strong radiation on our mobile phones. Now over ear bluetooth headphones ordinary transmission distance is generally about 10 meters, good can reach 100 meters. We don't have to use our cell phones to pick up the phone, listen to music or listen to the news. The farther away the cell phone is from our ears, the more our brain and ears are protected. Mobile phone Bluetooth headset radiation radiation is 1/10000, can be said to be green products, especially popular in Europe and the United States with a Bluetooth headset, so here I advise you best to use the Bluetooth headset, and our family's health do not save the money.
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