And pointed a knife at Veneer Knife

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And pointed a knife at Veneer Knife ,being a homeowner will knife off then Chen that escape the Hong family ,jump to hung next to the toilet roof ,then from the toilet. The roof down.

In the booth to sell someone robbed A chopper and a butcher Cao certain adjacent stalls robbed a skinning knife, then holds two knife straight Rao state Avenue running. The reporter found pickles shop owner Mr.

hung ,at that time he was prepared to do lunch ." ;suddenly a man came in, shut the door .He told me to save him ,someone in the hunt .I watched him hurry ,too poor .They said you hide in my bed ,not out .

He can hide ,I and others are a group, while I do not pay attention to suddenly hugged me from behind ,Nike Air Jordan Shoes,with the knife in my neck. I see him no force of gas ,while he does not pay attention when his sword knocked out ,grabbed his hands .

He bite me ,bite badly .I flung the door open and ran out ,knife also brought out. He ran out to sit up to the two floor on top of the fence ,I said you don ,jump up .He does not listen, I will go .

" ;many vendors to reporter to verify ,Chen Zhenyi from the vegetable market to Rao Avenue, on the opposite side of the Street police car. One day in July ,Chen Weimin received an anonymous telephone.

" ;I tell you a clue ,your son the time from the market come out on car number is tttt ,you can look it up. You don ask who I am ,I hope you to hold on to the ." ;then hung up the phone .

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