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2016-10-17 15:33:13 | 日記
Since I love movie trailers I created a new movie trailer site. New movie trailers are added on a regular basis, and the current sampling includes WALLE, Hitman, Horton Hears A Who, I Am Legend, The Seeker: The Dark is Rising and many more.

Movie trailers are an important part of the cinematic experience. Research shows that movie trailers are the most-watched video material on the Web. Sometimes the movie trailers are better than the actual films.

Consumers who watch online movie trailers are far more likely to turn to the Internet first for information about new movies.

Movie trailers are coming out earlier and earlier these days.

“Walt Disney’s Bolt,” “Narnia 2,” “WALLE,” and “Rapunzel” are examples as of this date in late March 2008.


I’m sorry but I can’t wait to see the movie WALLE. I hope the trailers that I’ve watched are as good as the full movie!

When you’re deciding which movie to watch (either at the theater or DVD store) do you watch movie reviews or movie trailers? I say watch the movie trailers and although the trailers can sometimes be misleading, you’ll get the just of the movie quickly and if it fits the action, romance or drama you think you want to see then you’re good to go!

Come on, online movie trailers are what broadband was created for, right?

It’s been real fun building my movie trailer site. One of the biggest challenges is finding a way to display the movies witout getting lost in the navigation or bombard the viewers with ads that interupt the flow of the site. I do believe I’ve found this balance and the popularity of the site is increasing which must mean something is right… I think

Watch Gotham Season 3 Episode 5 Online
Watch Timeless Season 1 Episode 3 Online
Watch Made in Chelsea Season 12 Episode 2 Online
Watch Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 1 Online

My movie trailers site uses a flash player for all the movies so that you don’t have to think about which player you need to watch the movie with. Most browsers have flash these days so that helps in keeping the members watching the previews they want to see without frustrating them with selections they shouldn’t have to make when trying to get their daily fix of the latest movies coming out.

There’s nothing I dislike more than to be bombarded with ads, then have to select a movie player, install it and then… ummm what was I doing again… oh ya I was checking my email. You see what I mean?

On the link below you can find a complete list of titles for which we have high quality movie trailers for your viewing pleasure. They Look real good in full screen too so you be the judge.
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