How to deal with dyed white clothes?

2017-08-10 13:09:32 | 日記
The idea of white is simple, and the color is very versatile. However, white is really extremely difficult to manage, probably because it is the representative of such words. Even if we are careful to wash and dry, we still have this kind of awkwardness:

The washing powder price is low.So you can use washing powder with the following methods.It is useless to use washing powder alone.

First, clean with salt

Simply wet the stained area and rub it in the stain with salt, then rinse it with clean water. In addition, if the clothes are newly bought, they can also be washed in salt water. Not only can go to formaldehyde, still can have a good solid color effect.

Second, soak in hot soap

Ordinary hot water is not very good, use boiled soapy water to soak the dyed clothes. Before steeping, it is best to soak the water for a period of time, soapy water for about 10 minutes, then gently knead, the clothes will return to bright white as new.

The third, the oil stains clean with detergent

During the meal, it is inevitable to stain the clothes, especially in the winter, everyone likes to eat hot pot. Some oil smear-cleaning essence can be easily solved, then wash with clean water, not too troublesome.
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