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Manage Windows 10 privacy settings with Privacy Repairer

2017-05-17 15:04:57 | 日記

Privacy Repairer is really a portable tool for viewing and managing cheap software online telemetry and privacy settings.

There's now almost a totally sub-genre of software doing basically in relation to buying, but Privacy Repairer has plenty of extra power and detail to warrant its tiny download.

The program's interface looks including the competition. Individual settings are organized into categories and shown on a sidebar: "Telemetry and Diagnostics", "System", "Windows Defender", "cheap software Store Apps", "Cortana and also Menu", "Lock Screen", "Edge and Internet Explorer", "Windows Media Player", "Visual Studio."

Clicking any of these categories displays its settings in the scrollable list. You will discover a description of the item, its current On/ Off setting, plus a recommendation (disable it, experts only, etc .).

What's interesting about Privacy Repairer is the vast amount of detail you've gotten on every setting. Similar programs often give you such brief descriptions for the item you must be unsure how they work, but here you will definitely get something like "Do not automatically share handwriting personalization samples with Microsoft (current user)". Despite the fact that you've no clue about buy office 2010 handwriting recognition, the description immediately serves up beneficial of its scope and impact.

Want more? Tapping the down arrow to the proper inside the item gives you extra detail. We tried this when using the handwriting setting determined a good full paragraph description, a signal of you'll want to look in Key pad to uncover the handwriting recognition options, the specific equivalent Group Policy setting.

Privacy Repairer very own "recommended" tips for each setting, talk about their experience toggle everything that has a click. We wouldn't recommend it - and make up a more and more system changes simultaneously isn't often a good idea - it's there, when you need it.

Should you choose to make a decision to make major changes, the system offers two strategies to protect you.

Like other tools, likely to opportunity to provide a system restore point, handy for recovering from any major disaster.

What's not-so-common is ladies Backup and Restore tool for this settings alone. Should you do stumble upon trouble, this enables restoring just your privacy settings, but not also undoing each other recent change, as happens with reverting to one restore point.

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