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kitchen by surprise of a back

2014-06-18 10:04:41 | 旅行

If I directly went home, her night after closing and then brought back vegetables, vegetable tray and a bowl cover Jansen, this home is warm in winter.

I ran into the kitchen by surprise of a back, see sister sleeves was high, with his hands stirring a large bowl dish, the dish with ice, her arm rough red. I also do smoke a gasp. I always thought she was a boss, sit in the office to map out a strategy, where the thought of many things she would experience for you dearAttractions in Hong Kong

She thinks I'm too dirty: "hand wash very clean, and the chopsticks also can not call, so you can hire less a worker, don't also save money?" She be very careful in reckoning of even a grain of rice fell not to the ground.

In those days the wedding, there are "NPC and CPPCC" mat, every day to hundreds of tables. I don't want to stay for dinner, she chased out, handed me an envelope, inside a pile of money. I don't, she says not all to me, call me half to my classmate Xia Xia, Xia Xia is an orphan. I say that as long as the half, I haven't spent. She smiled, said that my younger sister know thrift, it is Xia Xia, told her to buy clothes, the last time I saw her, winter, not even a scarf and gloves, gowns all hair side, the pants off line, big girl, don't little Jin dew lookinging at of elbow shabby mask house.

The service building of elder sister for ten years, suddenly to demolition, elder sister also lost his job. I was worried her, she saw a message from the "farmer daily", back home a few acres of land, raise the Sika deer. The phone she told me, and a minimum of the most beautiful DOE is my. I hurried home to see the deer "mine", hung on the neck of a card, writing above my pet name, round eyes, long eyelashes, docile, is really a lovely deer! I put the head of the poplar leaves stroked down to my young deer eat. Sister said: "you will not write that what poem, give us this deer to write a poem." I never write, I draw a painting, 1.5 deer god half beast, half of the body is the eldest sister, half of the body is the Sika deer. She laughed like Office chair.

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