About three types of GDS VCI Diagnostic Software for Hyundai and also Kia V15

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GDS VCI Diagnostic Software for Kia & Hyundai V15 could be the exclusively OEM diagnostic software for Hyundai and also KIA. GDS VCI Diagnostic Software can be an state-of-the-art program program that provides extensive insurance for anyone Hyundai motor vehicles which include most of Amalgam vehicles. GDS supplies finished diagnostics, study and also reprogramming functionality and also a massive selection with technica. There are actually a couple types of GDS VCI OBD 2 Tools. There are actually about three types of GDS VCI Diagnostic Software.

a single. Best selling price GDS VCI Diagnostic Software for Hyundai and also Kia V15

two. Best value GDS VCI Diagnostic Software For Kia & Hyundai V15

3 or more. GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool Software for Kia & Hyundai using Tigger Module V15

GDS VCI Diagnostic Software for KIA Hyundai Includes:
a single. Absolutely Incorporated Diagnostic Program using Person Specific info & options
two. Finished Techie Program Info
3 or more. Extensive & Customized Diagnostic Alternative
four. Advised Troubleshooting Procedures
5 various. Mobile or portable Data-recording Functionality
a few. Real-time Computer software Management

GDS VCI Diagnostic Software Back Which include:
a single. VCI Module (P/N: GHDM-210000)
two. 26-Pin – 16-Pin DLC Cable tv (P/N: GHDM-241000)
3 or more. 16-Pin – 12-Pin DLC Cable tv (P/N: GHDM- 245000)
four. 16-Pin – 20-Pin Adapter (Ur) (P/N: GHDM-244000)
5 various. 10-8-2 Adapter (P/N: GHDM-247000)
a few. 6P DC Jack (P/N: GHDM-250000)
8. Smaller USB Cable tv (P/N: GHDM-360000)
8-10. AC-DC Electricity Adapter (P/N: GHDM-260001)
in search of. Transporting Instance (P/N: GHDM-011200)
12. OBD16 Pin Cable tv.
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