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 "Dumb English" is a long-standing problem of public English teaching problems. In this regard, experts, scholars, the public media introspection and criticism is already commonplace. Can be described as "good learning hard to learn English".

It is true that it is a long, arduous and complicated job to solve the deep-rooted ills of "dumb English". The reason is multifaceted: there are language environment, there are teaching methods, strategies, psychological aspects, and so on. This article intends to discuss some of the factors that hinder the opening of the "voice worship" psychology to make people out of the misunderstanding, the English pronunciation in the minds of the high position to make adjustments to the release of energy to speak.


 one. Perfect pronunciation pursuit has become a communication barrier

(A) "perfect pronunciation" in daily communication is not necessary and feasible

            In general, the correctness of a language pronunciation is one of the factors that the success of discourse communication and the effect of good or bad, and pronunciation

The beauty of the sweet or not will become an additional factor in the difficulty of communication. As far as the mother tongue is concerned, the speaker generally does not have the utterance of the pronunciation, and the pronunciation of "perfect" is rare in foreign language users, and it is harder to say "beautiful and beautiful". Even in the same country, if the country is multi-ethnic, multi-dialect, even if speaking Mandarin, people's words are often mixed with the lingering accent. To China's Mandarin, for example, in general, as long as an opening, the speaker from the south or the North will be clear. But this kind of "South Pine North" Mandarin as the pronunciation is not perfect foreign language, generally do not affect the normal communication.

    The above analysis is intended to illustrate a point of view: pronunciation is correct, grace is the realm of the pursuit of the speaker, but in the real language, especially in foreign language communication is difficult to achieve the extent of the United States. And not how perfect pronunciation in most occasions does not hinder the language of communication and between people, between regions and regions, between countries and the exchange of difficulties, hindered. Whether it is in the history of the language, the status quo or future development should be tenable.


(B) of the foreign language "perfect pronunciation" requirements unreasonable

Any language is a foreign language for other people. There are foreign language there will be on the Mandarin and foreign language pronunciation of different requirements and attitudes. From the perspective of different mother tongue and foreign language users, the initial summary, we exist around the pronunciation of the requirements of a "high" and three "low".

1. People on the English pronunciation requirements "high"

In daily life, there are many people on the English pronunciation is too high and unreasonable requirements of the case.

Case 1, a high school English teacher speak English when the accent is relatively heavy. In the assessment of his work responsibility, it was raised the pronunciation problem. It is true that English pronunciation is one of the signs of an English teacher "English quality". Can be the saying goes, "accent change", which is related to a certain capacity. Some people do not have to "solve" to "solve", and some people use the "effort" is also difficult to bear fruit, not to mention it and reflect the responsibility of people linked to - a sense of responsibility to some extent can speak Is the embodiment of human character and consciousness. Visible English "pronunciation first" is how deeply rooted! On the contrary, the treatment of Mandarin, but more tolerant. There are not many people around us who speak real standard Mandarin, even Chinese teachers. But as long as the students and teachers to hear the interaction between the smooth, generally very few students because of the teacher's Mandarin is not good or not good and not accept him (her), although Mandarin. However, if an English teacher's English pronunciation is not "authentic", he (she) will be considered low level and be looked down, even if his (her) language proficiency is good.

Case 2, an English teacher said the mountain with the [mauntih] sound, director of the teaching and research section is very dissatisfied, arguing that it should be ['mauntəh]. "The description of the discussion is not present when the parties. In fact, the word mountain These two kinds of pronunciation are right. Step back, if it is really the teacher made a mistake, do not have such a fuss, once pointed out to correct, not just fine? This "greatly dissatisfied" and behind the "theft Whisper "contradictory attitude is not vividly showing the people of English pronunciation of the demanding and intolerance mentality?

Case 3, a female student has a good voice, the English 48 phonemes made more accurate, but often the word sounds wrong, such as "the bright moon in the sky" said ['δə' brit 'Mun in' δə 'ski] (should be [' δə 'brait' mun in 'δə' skai]). In the first round of the English recitation contest she was eliminated because of this (to know that participation in the recitation game is fully rehearsed before the game to their own that "to the beauty" level, we can see her knowledge of English language Master the difference). Many people in the audience do not understand, feel her pronunciation so beautiful how will be "shabu" down, that injustice. In fact, her beautiful voice and accurate pronunciation of 48 phonemes (not words), cover up the words of the error, "blinded" some people. Although this example is absolutely some, but this phenomenon can not say that we are beautiful pronunciation of the blind worship is not unrelated. It should be noted that the students' English grades fail. How can such a person be able to use her "beautiful pronunciation" for practical communication? On the contrary, a voice with a little local accent, but can accurately express the people, it is more normal and others to communicate.

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