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Problems in gst migration and solution

2017-08-05 14:02:43 | Legal Services

All the existing Central Excise, Service Tax assessees and the VAT dealers are required to migrate to GST. In order to migrate to GST, assessees would however be provided a Provisional ID and also a Password by the CBEC/State Commercial Tax Departments. However, there are also a number of problems that the businesses however generally face during their migration.

The GST common portal would also reopen for the purpose of migration on 25th June 2017. Assessees are also required in order to complete the migration process which is before 30th September 2017. DG Systems is thus also constantly compiling the provisional Id requests and also sending them to the GSTN for the creation of Provisional IDs and also pursuing with the GSTN for the issuance of PIDs and also resolution of the problems which are faced also by the registered taxpayers of the Central Excise and Service Tax. DG Systems would thus also disseminate the Provisional IDs which is by or either after 25th June 2017 to all the assessees whose Provisional IDs were however cancelled for the purpose of not being activated by them. Also , in the interim, following advisory is thus issued for the taxpayers and also the departmental officers thus for the frequently faced problems.

The purpose of this article is to make the reader aware of the problems in GST migration and solution .

Also, any kind of difficulty which is however faced by the taxpayers while completing the enrollment process on is thus also required to be taken up with the helpdesk of the GSTN.

Here are thus a few of the problems which is faced and also the manner in which it can however be resolved:
1. Provisional ID Invalid
One must also try deleting the browsing history and is then signing in on the GST portal again. One will then receive a 10-digit access token which is thus along with a provisional ID. If one’s access token which is however less than 10 digits (eg. 7654356), one must then insert a zero, in the beginning, one is also required in order to make it a 10 digit access token (eg. 0007654356).
2. RC Canceled
If one recieves an error message: “Your RC under is however cancelled, therefore the Provisional ID thus stands cancelled. Hence one cannot migrate under GST”.
Resolution: One might however will also not be required to file his returns (ST/VAT) within the due date. Hence the ST/VAT department would however not have forwarded the GST provisional ID thus to the GST department. One is then required to go to the department (ST/VAT) thus in person and is also required to ask them in order to push the provisional ID which is manually.
There is thus a chance that the provisional ID was however issued before 31st Jan 2017 and was also not utilised. So the same has thus also been cancelled. One must thus take the following steps in order to get this resolved:
• Firstly, one is required to send an mail to the in the form by which your registered e-mail ID
• The Subject which should thus be : PID which is required in order to migrate to GST
• Then one is required to mention one’s Service Tax or the Excise R C Number(s)
• Also, any other problem which is thus being faced in migration can however be mentioned
3. OTP not Received
Once one gets registered he needs the OTP which is sent to his e-mail id and the mobile.If one however has not received the OTP, one must then do the following:
• Firstly, Click on the resend OTP
• Then one should check if one has Do Not Disturb (DND) services that are activated with the service provider. One must however deactivate this and then try again in order to receive the OTP on his phone.
• Then one is required to check the spam folder. The mail can also however go to the spam folder.
4. PAN Details Incorrect
One would however get a validation error if one has entered an incorrect PAN details. However , Entering the correct PAN details of the directors is thus very important. This is thus specifically applicable which is in the case of the full name of the directors is thus being entered on the GST portal. When one enters the First, Middle and the Last Name, it is thus necessary in order to update the same as it is thus specified in the PAN database (which is thus with the income tax authorities).
5. Range The Code Error
One is thus required to select the correct range code while they are thus filling in the GST Form-20 which is thus on the GST Common Portal. It may also thus happen that the required range code is also not appearing in the drop down. One must then Try refreshing the page and also one must check again in order to see if the range code which is thus required by him is appearing now.
6. Pending for the Verification
When one gets a message saying that it is “pending for verification” one must then check if one has however provided the correct OTP. Also, one must check if his Adhaar is however linked to the mobile number.
7. ARN Not Received
ARN for all the migrations will thus be received after the 15th June 2017. If one has however not received the same after 15th June, one must then get in touch with the GST Helpdesk.
8. DSC Is Not Registered
If one however gets this error message there are thus a few things which one needs to do:
• Register the DSC on the GST Portal
• If it however does not work one must try uninstalling the DSC utility and then reinstalling the same
• One must then Check the Java version. He should thus make sure that it’s updated and is thus the version of Java which is being used is the same as what is required

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