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How To File Your ITR Through LegalRaasta?

2017-07-06 16:13:07 | Legal Services
Income tax returns can however be filed in the paper form as well as electronically. E-filing is thus the simpler, paper-less for the purpose of filing your tax returns. It can either be done for free through the Income Tax Department’s website as well as also through third-party service providers. E-filing is also a hassle-free and mostly error-free. When the tax returns are prepared online, they are then pre-checked for the errors so that the taxpayer doesn’t get a notice from the IT department. However, e-filing can be done only within the certain deadlines.

There are many websites which provide you with an option of filing ITR online but we at Legal Raasta help you with filing your ITR easily with simple steps . Applying through us is the best since it is easy to operate , there is time saving and we have the best experts . Your taxes are also saved and you have the security . We guarantee 100% accuracy and satisfaction . We also provide for refund tracking .
Thus the article below provides you with some basic steps with which you can easily file your ITR through Legal Raasta .
You can either 1. file the return yourself or 2. you can choose from the CA assisted plans for a guided filing .
In order to file your return yourself , the following steps are to be followed :
Step 1
Select the year for which you want to file your ITR and then proceed .
Step 2
2.1 The first step which you are supposed to follow is to fill in a tax profile which would step by step ask for your :
personal information in which you have to fill your
1. Name
2. Gender
3. Date of birth
4. Pan card details
5. Father’s name
6. Email
7. Phone number
8. Add adhaar card info if you have any

Address in which you have to fill your residential information .

Bank Information in which you have to fill your :
1. Bank account number
2. IFSC code
3. Bank name
4. Bank account type (choose between savings or current )
5. Bank type ( choose between primary or secondary )
Personalised Form – untick the income that are not applicable to you so that you wont be bothered by the questions that are not related to you .

Step 3
One this step is done click proceed and you would automatically come to the Income Sources Form . You are supposed to fill in your income sources form in which you are supposed to mention about your :
Salary - You can either fill the salary form manually or can either choose to upload Form 16 if you have any . The data will be automatically be uploaded your form 16 .
Other income in which you are supposed to include your :
1. Interest income from saving account
2. Other interest income
3. Interest income from post office deposit
4. Gift income
5. Exempt income
Also mention about house property and capital gain if any .

Step 4
Mention about your business profile in a form

Step 5

Mention the tax deductions in the tax deductions form which would ask you to fill your form for any investments, health insurance , donations details if made any during the year and others .

Step 6

You are now redirected to the TDS tab. Fill in the tax paid form.

Here two types of information is required to be filled . One is income from salary and the other is details of the tax deducted from non salary incomes .

Now come to the self tax payment form and add the details of advance tax or self assessment tax entry .

Save the changes and click on review and submit .

Step 7
Once you have reviewed, click on e-file my return and your returns will be prepared .

Step 8

Once your returns are prepared, you are supposed to download the ITR file .

And in this way your returns will be prepared through Legal Raasta .

After that all you are supposed to do is :

1. Take a printout of this ITR file and submit it to the nearest local office of the Income Tax Department
2. The receiving officer will then give you a stamped acknowledgement upon the receipt of your tax returns

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 Company Registration, Nidhi Company Registration, IEC Registration, Fssai License.

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