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How To Draft An Employment Offer Letter?

2017-08-10 16:50:25 | Legal Services
Employment Offer Letter
An Employment offer Letter, more commonly known as Job Offer Letter is a document drafted by an employer to offer a job to a candidate stating clearly the job profile, the salary, benefit details, commencement details and other terms and conditions. It is not only a letter asking the employee to join but also a proof for the both the parties in case of any disregard of rules and regulations and conditions that have already been agreed upon. The consent of both the parties is shown by their respective signatures. Described below is how you can draft an Employment Offer Letter which is effective enough to stop any kind of discrepancies in future.
An offer letter generally is in form of commonly drafted letter. Make sure the terms and conditions stated have been already communicated to the preferred candidate verbally, so that there won’t be any need of redrafting, saving the time of both the parties. Things like salary and other perks should be discussed upon first and should be clearly stated in the offer letter.
Make sure the job offer letter is drafted on the letterhead of your company just to look professional as well as making the letter much more valuable, making all the procedure a lot more serious. It should be friendly as well as professional, avoid any kind of slang language. Mention the Company’s name with the address of the head office as well as the address of the company the candidate will be working in separately. In the first paragraph of the letter tell the applicant of his selection clearly mentioning his post as well as the department in which the candidate will be working.
The second paragraph should state the salary of the candidate along with any perks candidate is applicable to. Mention the commencement/joining date, working hours and the job profile in detail, mention any kind of requirements (especially in a field job) you may seek from the candidate.
Mention about the paid holidays, acceptable reasons to not attend the office and requirement or actions taken upon any disregard of the rule.
End the letter with a bit of politeness and asking them to join the office. Also, mention reading all the terms and conditions carefully before joining and signing the offer letter. One should be kept with the employer and one should be given to the candidate.
You can stress emphasis on the important fields by underlining that part or writing the text in bold letters. Also, use points or bullets to make it easy to read. Make sure to pen down all the requirements and terms carefully and in honest words.
Again, if you find that they are too many terms and conditions, you can attach them to the offer letter and state about the attached copy of the main offer letter so that nothing can be left untouched. At the end, an honest Employment Offer Letter will help you establish a strong employer-employee relationship.
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