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The biggest communication mistakes entrepreneurs make

2017-08-05 14:02:38 | Legal Services

Communication is a factor that generally affects the entrepreneurial behaviour. In simple words, communication is the process by which the information is however transmitted and is thus understood between two or more people. The word ‘understood’ is generally very important because it results in transmitting the sender’s intended meaning which is considered as the essence of good communication.
In business, an entrepreneur however needs i n order to have communication for various purposes with the different persons and parties. Entrepreneurs generally spend lot of their time and theri energy in communicating with the employees, suppliers, institutions, customers, and many more.
The purpose of this article is to make the reader aware of the biggest communication mistakes which the entrepreneur make . This article will help you to get to know about those mistakes and avoid in future.

1. Not communicating across the teams
"Communication is considered as the essential to driving a collaboration in business. The entrepreneurs generally work cross-functionally on a daily basis, and the strong communication between the teams is always what keeps their company in moving forward at such a rapid pace."

2. Keeping the employees in the dark about the company vision
Sometimes, the high level strategy conversations about the big picture generally happen behind the closed doors. When the leaders don't end up communicating those larger goals with their teams that are however going to be executing that vision, it can however create frustration and also a lack of unity and clarity. One however can't assume that the employees will thus connect the dots from the lofty vision to their day-to-day work. Thus its really important in order to share learnings, celebrate wins both big and small and should also give people a broader perspective as to what's happening in the industry, in order to help everyone to feel connected to the business and the mission and also their place in executing against it .

3. Assuming others already understand
However , not being thorough enough and then assuming the fact that people understand what one means. It's generally safe in order to assume nothing, and then in order to over communicate or over.

4. Keeping the vision too under the radar
One must however never assume that others generally know the vision and the brand. One must always ask questions, give information and then should make sure that one’s vision is thus ultimately the one being communicated when one is starting the company

5. Not being transparent about the mistakes
transparency is generally absolutely considered as critical for the company culture and one must always hope that one bleeds over to the way they love and then engage with the customers!

6. Not scaling the communication as the business grows

Communication always needs change as the size of the business changes. Especially in the high-growth businesses and also those with remote staff, it can however be even more challenging.

7. Communicating too loosely with structured personalities
Entrepreneurs are however usually considered as looser communicators by nature, and one must however not always take the time in order to make sure that everyone is however 100 percent on the same page with the expectations, and then one has to change their minds a lot.

8. Relying on digital communication too heavily
The biggest mistake is generally considered as relying upon the digital communication (text messages and emails). A lot can however be lost in translation. One must not be afraid in order to pick up the phone or either schedule in person meetings. People are however considered as more complex than work and it also serves everyone well in order to feel as if they are a part of something which is bigger. This can however only be achieved through in the person meetings or either over the phone. Some signals can however be misconstrued via email or text.

9. Not directing new employees clearly about their roles
In the early stage companies, entrepreneurs may however be the product visionaries, but they're also often considered as inexperienced when it however comes to managing the people. Clear communication with the early hires about responsibilities, expectations, and the goals -- both the short-term and long-term -- is geenrally critically important to success

10. Not communicating AT ALL
a real challenge for the entrepreneurs is however not communicating at all. When one wears a multitude of hats and is however used to using sheer will and the determination in order to move things forward it’s generally easy in order to put one’s head down and then just focus on getting the things done. Whether is brainstorming, delegating, or either planning for the future the best ideas are thus often seeded with one person but are however brought to life by a group.

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This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for, Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.

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