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Documents For Filing Income Tax Returns In India

2017-08-10 12:27:33 | Legal Services
Assemble these documents for income tax return filing in India. Go through this list to know the documents you’ll require to do your taxes. You won’t require all the documents listed here as they differ on a case-to-case basis.
PAN number
For Salaried Employees
Form-16 issued by your employer
Do you know that Form-16 is all you require to file ITR online at LegalRaasta? It’s that straightforward really!
Documents regarding interest income
Bank statement/passbook for interest on savings account.
Statement of Interest income for fixed deposits.
TDS certificate issued by banks and others.
LegalRaasta automatically renders you tax advantage as per Section 80TTA when you enter your income from savings account interest.
Form 26AS
It is an outline of taxes deducted on your behalf and taxes paid by you. This is given by the Income Tax Department.
It depicts particulars of tax deducted on your behalf by deductors, details on tax payment by taxpayers and tax refund received in the financial year. This form can be made available from the website of I-T Department.
Section 80 Investments
Section 80C investment documents. Investments that are made under PPF, NSC, ULIPS, ELSS and RGESS qualify for deduction under Section 80C.
Gather these documents at hand to allege the following expenses as deductions -
Contribution to Provident Fund
School fees of your children
Payment of premium of LIC
Registration charges and Stamp-duty and
Principal reimbursement on your home loan
The highest amount that can be claimed under Section 80C has been changed to Rs.1, 50,000 in FY 2014-15 from Rs.1, 00,000 in FY 2013-14.
Additional Investment Documents
Interest paid on housing loan. Interest on housing loan is entitled to tax saving up to Rs 2, 00,000. This is a self-occupied home.
Interest payment on Education.
Stock trading statement. The stocks that were traded made during the year may be taxed under Capital Gain.
So, these are the documents which are required to file ITR in India.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.

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