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Documents For Sole Proprietorship Registration

2017-08-09 10:50:18 | Legal Services

A Sole proprietorship firm is a business which is owned, managed and controlled by a single person. It is one of the most common forms of business in India, utilized by small businesses operating in the unorganized sectors. Proprietorship firms are very easy to start and have minimum regulatory compliance requirement for getting started. The required documents for Sole Proprietorship Registration are very general and correspond to the kind of business you are running and the documents required are in reference to any special requirements of that business.
Following are the documents for sole proprietorship registration:
Identity Proof
Registration Certificate/Licence under Municipal or State Shops and Establishments Act under State Acts.
Residence Proof-Copy of Aadhaar card/Voter ID-card
Bank Account of the Name and Type that you want
You have to submit any two of the following documents:
Utility bill (Electricity, fixed landline, Water bill) in the name of the firm
Inspection / Verification certificates issued under Weights & Measures Act, 1976
Permission Issued by respective government authority for units in Special Economic Zones, Software Technology Parks, Export Oriented Units, Electronic Hardware Technology Parks, Domestic Tariff Areas and Export Processing Zones in the name of the entity mentioning the address allotted
Complete Income Tax Return (ITR 4) duly acknowledged by Income Tax authorities. The name of the firm would appear on 2nd page of ITR 4
Registration certificate/license issued by Municipal authorities such as Shop Establishment License/Trade License
CST/VAT/Service Tax/GST Certificate or Letter of Registration for CST/VAT/Service Tax/GST
Certificate/Registration document issued by Professional Tax authorities
Valid Business License or Certificate of Registration issued by a State/Central Government authority (validity includes the grace period allowed for renewal as given in the certificate)
RBI/SEBI Registration Certificate, if required
License issued by Food and Drug Control Authorities
Import – Export certificate (IEC Code) issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade
TAN allotment letter issued in the name of the firm
Please submit any one of the below-mentioned documents establishing the address of the firm:
Lease/ Leave & license agreement / Copy of Valid Rent agreement along with the utility bill in the name of the landlord
PAN intimation letter issued by IT authority. It must bear name and address of the entity/proprietor.
These are the documents which should be produced while filing or getting sole proprietorship registration in India. To avoid any kind of difficulty or to make the process little hassle-free, you can contact LegalRaasta team.
This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration.

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