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Advertising Media Options For Startup Business

2017-08-09 16:43:23 | Legal Services
Advertising Media

Marketing is one of the most important factors when it comes to the establishment of a startup. A startup can only survive when it has customers to sell its products. For getting customers you need to tell them about yourself and your company. It is important to reach out to them. In order to make them aware of your presence what you need is visibility. This visibility can be gained from publicizing and promoting your company in every way possible. Now generally, being a startup means low budget and fewer people at work. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t publicize your company. Apart from recruiting a small yet effective team, you can always advertise your company. Media is the best option to advertise when it comes to startups. It’s cheap and sometimes even free. If done in the right way, media alone can give you a lot of exposure. Discussed below are some advertising media options for your startup.
Apart from being cheap, they are easy to handle. Sensitive, Yes but easy. They can be maintained and updated regularly. Media is basically classified into two categories, one being the traditional advertising and the second being social media which is in trend at this particular moment.
Traditional Advertising: It includes things like posters, flyers, Electronic mails, broadcasting on television, radio, magazines, tabloids, newsletters and newspapers etc.
Social Media: As we all very well know includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. It also includes making your own website and updating it regularly to have a big reach. Spread a word around using your own mobile app. It is so common nowadays, you can create one easily or hire someone to do it for you.
Now both ways of advertising can be sponsored or can be free also. For sponsored marketing, you can create ads and broadcast them reaching out to a large crowd. It is very common to do and is implemented by hundreds of startups. Be it television or radio, be it Facebook or Twitter, you can create ads and broadcast them anywhere as long as you are paying up for them.
For free advertising, there are strategies like guerrilla marketing used. The tactics involved sometimes are so innovative and creative that media is forced to cover it. In the process your company becomes known. However, no dirty tactics should be used, it may give you visibility but it won’t give you customers.
You can trade in exchange of advertisement. It is somewhat like barter system where you exchange one service for another. You provide your service to some media house in exchange for them publicizing your company. You can exchange your services with some other company which also includes publicizing each other.
Also, the content used for advertising matters a lot. It may be about your business, or about different trending subjects, it may be about blogs or other online forums. What you need is relevant and concise matter. Something easy to understand and is not boring at all. It should be worthy of grabbing anyone and everyone’s attention.
In the end, we can say that there are many advertising media options. They range from television to social media platforms to your own web page. What you need is to select carefully keeping in mind your target audience and budget plan. Prioritize things and work accordingly. Play smart and be an Entrepreneur!
Before opting for any kind of advertising options for a startup, you need to get company registration to make more legal.

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