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2017-12-14 17:12:14 | Legal Services
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LegalRaasta as GSP will be a Single Stop Solution for Taxpayers

2017-10-06 13:27:22 | Legal Services
Just now, when GST is turning out to be a massive confusion to the Indian Market – LegalRaasta- a Delhi-based startup has come up as a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) by GSTN (GST Network) to facilitate end-to-end tax solutions for large corporates, tax practitioners and SMEs. A GSP has developed technology solution for stakeholders & taxpayers to help connect to the GST systems - starting from registration of the entity to uploading of invoice details, compliances and filing returns. GSP’s are entities authorized to evolve the GST compliance network. Every taxpayer is required to file 37 returns in a year. So, for filing these returns, LegalRaasta will be the one-stop-solution for taxpayers. It’s been more than 2 years now, LegalRaasta has been providing tax registration & return filing services and satisfying their customers successfully. Himanshu Jain, CEO of LegalRaasta Technologies Pvt Ltd, in a statement said,” Now, Legalraasta as GSP will simplify the journey of multiple taxpayers in uploading invoice data (B2B & Large value B2C) as well as filing of returns and act as a single stop solution for GST related services. Our esteemed customers need not to worry about GST return filings & its compliances as it won’t be headache anymore.” GSP’s can be defined as the Front End of the overall GST eco system. Their roles are filing tax returns, uploading invoice data, creating challan for tax payment, ledger maintenance etc. In the first batch, GSTN had finalized 34 companies including EY, Deloitte, Tata Consultancy to become GSPs from over 200 companies. Therefore, LegalRaasta was among the 69 companies from over 160 applicants shortlisted to be a GSP by GSTN in the second batch.

5 steps to automate , streamline and grow your business

2017-09-12 16:45:24 | Legal Services
Every entrepreneur thus wants to create a profitable business. But however instead of working on their businesses, most of them thus end up working in their businesses with a go-all-out, the hands-on approach. When it thus comes to growth and scale, this hands-on approach won’t however work. What the entrepreneurs thus need is a way in order to leverage, and also a way to scale. They are thus always looking for a sustainable way in order to go smart.

Automation is thus the answer to however every entrepreneur’s dream. Businesses thus face severe competition and also a roller coaster ride on the path to success. It also thus helps when a few processes generally pass through automatically without the involvement of business owners at however every juncture.

The purpose of this article is to make the reader aware of the 5 steps in order to automate, streamline and then grow the business.

Automation helps one in order to remain competitive. If one doesn’t then someone else would. Sooner or later, one would however realize the importance of automation. One should thus better do this so early, before one misses the bus. Firstly, one must automate the easiest processes first, however building a culture within the company that generally embraces “automation” (much like there however was — and still is — a need in order to embrace marketing as a culture), automating the time sapping processes, and also focusing on one process at a time.

While every business however has vital, but there are some time-consuming tasks that however require completion, not all of those tasks are thus income-producing ones. If time is considered as money, one would need all of that time which one can get. Automation thus gets one just that.

Steps in order to Automate and also Streamline Processes

Website Hosting and Management

A website isn’t thus what it however was in the early 90s. Today, the websites however do a lot more than show up like a brochure 24 x 7.

Today, one however needs a website that however works like a marketing machine — it thus ought to handle all the traffic that however comes in, sweat it out to the result in maximum conversions, and then also stay there when the weight of the world howevef comes pounding on the server bandwidth.

When that happens (or also anything else with the website, for that matter), one would thus not want to be spending time on it.

Well-managed websites for the growing businesses generally don’t go without the maintenance, care, and also attention. That’s however when one is ought to trust the managed hosting to the work for the business. Managed hosting also gives one more security, speed, automatic updates, absolutely no downtime, expert the technical support, and also daily backups.

However if one thus actually considers the time which is spent logging in and out of multiple Web properties, social log-ins, and the Google Analytics, one would realize that one’s time gets crunched and also pounded harder than the way one had thought.

Numbers are however considered as important. For all that effort which one puts in and the money which one spends , you however is required to see as to how the results are playing out.

One must thus also Create custom widgets as one needs to, monitor everything one needs , build the custom data sources as one want, customize the reporting as one deems fit, and also thrive with the 3 real-time reports.

Social Media Automation

While one can’t however automate real-time replies, pure engagement, and also genuine conversations with the fans, followers, and also the customers on social media, there are thus many other aspects that one can.

Email Automation

Nothing works however results in working as well as email marketing does. It just so happens that it’s thus old and isn’t also half as happening as the social media is. Yet, it’s thus a committed workhorse that makes one’s success its focus.

If one cannot however afford the big weights such as an OntraPort and an Infusionsoft, there are also many popular and also nimble email service providers such as Mailchimp and also Vero in order to give one everything which one needs to automate email marketing.

Customer Support

Also , customer services when everything else is thus equal, it could however be a great differentiating factor from the competition. But this would thus not happen when one does it like everyone else does.

One will however have to figure out a way in order to automate the customer support to a large extent. For instance, creating communities in order to foster the user-generated content, building FAQ and also a knowledge base could thus be one’s first steps.

Solutions such as FreshDesk, Tific, Jacada App, Zendesk, Groove HQ, and also UserVoice can thus help one in order to streamline, automate, and then systematize the customer support processes.

Thus the main purpose of this article was to provide someone with really awesome tools that are available for the businesses of all sizes, automation isn’t thus just for the corporations and also the giant mega companies. It’s thus always not about as to what tools should one be using for the purpose of automating parts or the specific functions of the business. It’s thus also more about realizing the need for change and also doing what one however can to make it happen.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration, IEC registration


Skills are important but capacity is critical to success

2017-09-05 17:57:33 | Legal Services
The capacity to however be an excellent listener is thus fundamental to effective communication, which is considered as a must for however leading to great meetings. Managing the meeting flow and also the collection of important meeting content (i.e. meeting assets) thus also hinges on the capability of thus the meeting leader to also however be fully attentive.

Also, the Two of the biggest issues which the businesses today are facing is the rate of change and the complexity in the marketplace. Companies are thus also able to respond quickly when the markets, technology and the consumer demands however fluctuate and thus also however evolve are thus the ones that thus also survive and grow. Those who thus also react slowly and also fail to also to innovate swiftly become obsolete.

The thing which is the most distressing thing is , however, is the gap similar which is thus “complexity crisis” research exposed: that as the leaders thus assume more senior positions, the disparity which is however also between the expectations of their roles and thus also their own capabilities which also widen significantly.

Leadership development is thus also considered as the most often the go-to solution, but thus also more often than not, those programs which also focus thus almost exclusively on the developing competencies, such as also having difficult conversations, time management, and thus also delegating. Although the competency development is however also important, it is also insufficient for the sustained, meaningful change in the leader effectiveness and also business outcomes.

Thus, in a word: capacity. We thus also need to shift the focus from competency to also however thus also fostering the capacity, in yourself, the employees, and also thus company to also successfully adapt and thus also meet the demands of an ever-evolving marketplace.While one can thus also add as many new apps (skills) as one thus wants , it also doesn’t mean the phone can thus also run them.

The operating system is thus however also the linchpin. It also represents the way in which one views the world and also attribute meaning to what one sees . And, just as the operating system’s successive versions thus also build on the one before it in a linear fashion so also does an individual’s capacity (or a development).

Simply focusing on the competencies would thus also not be sufficient to help however close the gap between where one is and as to what her capacity showed is however possible. While one also addresses the skill-based issues, the majority of the time one should also focus on also growing the capacity to thus also navigate complexity and also therefore lead in the broader, also more inclusive ways.

The purpose of this article to make the reader aware of the fact as to how skills are considered as important but then capacity is also critical for success.

The ways in which one can make things work is :

● Focus on self-awareness: Growing the capacity is thus also considered as synonymous with thus also growing the consciousness. One must look at as to how one look at the world.

● Get on the balcony: one must imagine oneself standing on a balcony above the situation in which finds oneself in. From this heightened perspective, one must see as to what looks different? What are the new potential moves does one see?

● Create win-win outcomes: however, increased capacity is thus also associated with meeting the needs of also more stakeholders thus also more of the time. Instead of also viewing the situations thus from a win/lose perspective, how can one thus creates the win-wins (or either at least get close to them).

Within a year, by following this, one can thus also however receives substantially improved feedback from the stakeholders, and also one’s own sense of ease and also fulfillment at work is thus also palpable. Most critically, improved leadership abilities thus also allow one to implement meaningful change more effectively, and also not only improving one’s own success but also the organization’s ability to also meet their mission.

There’s thus also a clear correlation between capacity and results. Also, a certain level of capacity is thus also best able to thus also deliver the transformational results – one that very few adults reach. It is, and it should thus also be then, the imperative of every business to also however nurture and thus also develop their leadership’s capacity. In thus doing so, they thus not only gain a distinct advantage in thus today’s rapidly changing environment but should thus also position oneselves for also the continued success in the future.

When most of the people thus also think of listening, they thus also think of an instinctive human function (such as breathing or blinking) that also however requires little conscious thought or training. But thus also nothing could thus be further from the truth. With the hectic professional lives which are however filled by enormous levels of distraction, the quality of listening is thus also inversely related to the amount of distraction in which one is also experiencing however at any point in time.

Fortunately, listening is thus also considered as an active process that can thus also be strengthened and conditioned. And it is thus also essential for thus great meeting leadership. As a meeting leader one must thus also be prepared to minimize the distraction and however also fully listen in any meeting that one is also leading.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 Company Registration, Nidhi Company Registration, IEC Registration, Fssai License, File ITR Online, Copyright Registration, Patent Registration, Trademark Registration.


How strategic capital infusion can benefit companies?

2017-09-05 17:56:06 | Legal Services
Strategic capital infusion helps to bring in strategic investors who thus also provide the much-needed resources and also share their vast experience.

In a competitive global scenario where however numerous businesses are thus set up and also wound up almost every other day, resources thus play an important role to also set one entity which is however apart from another.

However, More often than not, remaining open for the business and also shutting shop depends on one particular factor which is availability of resources for an enterprise to thus meet its goals, which is both commercial and also thus in terms of nurturing the requisite human resources that would thus also propel it further.

Also, Using creative liberty, adage “a stitch in time (saves nine)“ may thus also be modified, in this instance, to thus bring strategic capital infusion within its ambit.

The purpose of this article is to make the reader aware of the fact as to how strategic infusion can benefit the companies.

Namely, there are two ways by which capital infusion may however take place in a company which are the equity route or the debt route.

Thus, Under the equity route, the investor is however given a percentage of shares in lieu of the capital investment through the issue of the fresh shares. The class of shares that are thus issued to an investor may however either be (i) equity shares with the voting rights or the differential rights to dividend or voting; or (ii) preference shares, which thus also carry a preferential right which is however with respect to the payment of dividend and repayment, thus in the case of winding up.

Often, the investors generally purchase shares from the existing shareholders as well. Under the debt route, a company may however also issue debentures and may also choose to provide security, by thus encumbering its immoveable and the moveable property.

Of the numerous reasons as to why strategic capital infusion is thus often the game-changer, following are thus the three key points from an equity route perspective, thus briefly setting out the need and the justification for thus such infusion in companies.

Let’s Talk Capital

It is also no secret that the companies thus require capital. Capital is also required for the day-to-day activities, for some of the organizations thus also in order to even build an inventory. Also, Not every company, thus in its infancy stage, however meets its capital requirements on the basis of its revenue generated. There are thus some of the instances when external capital is however also required for the internal targets to be met. We have also seen the instances when proprietors of the infant enterprises have thus also brought in strategic or the financial investors thus at an early stage, selling to them a part of their shareholding so that the company thus also remains afloat, and also stays on-course to thus meet its targets in the long run.

It is thus also needless to say that the influx of investors however also brings with it the influx of investment — which however are the much-needed resources for an organization. The capital may also then be put to work, thereby ensuring that each rupee which is however invested into the company thus yields the desired result.

Nothing Beats Experience

Also, the thing which is about strategic capital infusion, by thus way of bringing in the strategic investors, is that with such investors come vast experience. More often than not, the investors in the new enterprises are also either retired entrepreneurs or the professionals who also have themselves been in the trenches of corporate resurrections for the companies or either as market trends reveal, are the investors who thus also invest in the new enterprises which is thus based on their valuation of the business model.

Additionally, the return on the investment which is also made by the investor is also now directly co-related with the fate of the investee company. This thus also ensures that the investor will also share the investors’ depth of experience to also help the company meet its targets, while at the same time, thus also ensuring that the investor thus gets more than the initial investment.

Market Synergy

In the business world, the people talk, and the reputations thus precede an individual. Getting the right strategic investment, also more so by bringing aboard investors, thus also brings in the much-needed market synergy for an enterprise. The fact that a company is thus able to bring in the investors also speaks volumes about its potential.

In turn, such publicity thus also results in more open doors for an enterprise to also further its business activities and also thus get more investment.

While the naysayers may thus also choose to dwell on the fact that the strategic capital infusion via the equity route will also dilute the shareholding of promoters and/ or current shareholders, there is thus no doubt that such investments will thus benefit the company in the longer run.

Enterprises thus thrive better when there however exists a stream of resources that are however coming in and the promoters would thus also do well to see that there are benefits of such investments which is thus in the long run.

This article has been contributed by Simmi Setia, Content Writer at LegalRaasta, an online portal for Section 8 Company Registration, Nidhi Company Registration, IEC Registration, Fssai License, File ITR Online, Copyright Registration, Patent Registration, Trademark Registration.