Prince George’s police department oversaw the investigation

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Russell Newell said.Investigators will review the police cruiser video to get a description of the biker.Police were still investigating Thursday, conducting rolling roadblocks along the Beltway near the Ritchie Marlboro Road exit.Police would not release the names of the officers., when a Prince George’s County Police car accidentally rammed a small truck while in pursuit of the motorcycle."The deceased are Sidney Clanton, of Buffalo, N. The off-duty officer remained hospitalized in serious condition. Police pursuits in heavy traffic have become controversial, and some jurisdictions have regulations against them.Cpl. The truck crossed the median strip and ran into heavy oncoming traffic, landing on a unmarked Prince George’s police cruiser driven by an off-duty officer.
Prince George’s police department oversaw the investigation because it was the only agency involved in the pursuit and because the collision involved a Prince George’s cruiser, police said. A woman who identified herself as McCarter’s wife told The Examiner that she was too distraught to talk.Maryland State Police are allowed to pursue traffic violators but they have to take into account the seriousness of the crime committed, the likelihood of capturing the suspect at a later time and the probability of a collision."It’s a balance," First Sgt.It was one of the most serious wrecks on the Beltway in several years and appeared to have been initially caused at about 7 p. The officer who tried to stop the biker has been put on routine paid administrative leave.comsmccabe@dcexaminer.
Prince George’s police would not provide the department’s pursuit policy, because they don’t want the general public to know the tactical and operational specifics, but spokesman Detective Steven Gomez said the policy was "very restrictive.Prince George’s County police are still searching for the motorcyclist who eluded them on the Capital Beltway on Wednesday in a chase that led to a seven-car collision, the deaths of two people and injuries to 15 others.m. "It comes down to our safety and the safety of the motorists. Stephen Pacheco would not say where the pursuit started, how long it had Led UV Lamp lasted at the time of the collision or what caused the police to pursue the biker in the first place.
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