An ultraviolet air purifier consistently maintains unpolluted air

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In addition, they are three times more likely to die of asthma than whites. A UV light air cleaner catches and destroys fine particles before they have the chance to be inhaled.

Some of the most prevalent irritants of asthma include: dust, cigarette smoke, chemical fumes; infections such as influenza or colds; allergens including pollen, animals, dust mites, certain foods, or medicine; exercise particularly in cold, dry air; extreme emotions such as crying, laughing, or stress; and chemicals found in the workplace (i. In addition, these are principally the things that have been proven to be connected to each of the above listed types of chronic lung diseases. Although the result of pneumonia is almost always the same, it can be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. By recognizing the increased risk that African Americans face, we are able to provide support and education that will minimize the disparity that is facing this group.

Sarcoidosis causes inflammation of bodily tissues, with 90% of patients' lungs being affected.

Nearly every one of us gets influenza at some point in our lives.

Despite its ability to affect people across all cultures, races, and ethnicities, evidence suggests that lung disease is most prevalent within the African American population, and the numbers are continuing to grow. The particulates are thus destroyed and no longer a threat to health.

Within the UV clarifier, ultraviolet light from the UV light bulb (probe) shines constantly on the filter.

Although indoor air pollution often goes unnoticed, especially as a cause of serious health concerns, it is a large factor in illnesses such as lung disease.e.S. This is also a permanent disease that gets progressively worse.

Understanding the various types of chronic lung diseases that are explained above provides insight into the severity of the disease process as well as the need for finding a way to minimize or eliminate how these diseases affect our communities. Although influenza and pneumonia are not one in the same, complications of the flu can often result in pneumonia causing the lungs to be filled with fluid. However, by using UV light air cleaners/purifiers, you can minimize your risk of chronic lung diseases. With startling statistics such as this, it is imperative to find a way to protect ourselves against the causes of lung irritants that may lead to bulb edison lung disease. Particles as smoke, aerosol sprays, dust, bacteria, viruses, and mold are common indoor air pollutants and a part of almost everyone's lives. As a result of sarcoidosis, the lung volume is typically decreased as the lung becomes increasingly stiff, making it difficult to breathe, and often resulting in permanent lung damage., occupational asthma).

UV disinfection equipment provides ultimate protection as it eliminates fine particles that are so small they can only be seen with the aid of an electron microscope. Lung disease can take a variety of forms including asthma, influenza, pneumonia, sarcoidosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). As a result, the airway becomes obstructed both in and out of the lungs. Negative ions and hydroxyl radicals, both natural to the Earth's atmosphere, also contribute to purifying the air.

Imperative to lowering the risks of lung disease is pure air. In addition, nearly 15,000 people who have never smoked die of lung cancer each year in the United States from secondhand smoke, asbestos exposure, and radon gas. By understanding the positive impact that UV air cleaners have on your health and utilizing the technology, you can keep your health at an optimum level and decrease your risk of developing chronic lung disease.

An ultraviolet air purifier consistently maintains unpolluted air; thus, keeping it healthful and safe for breathing. Although there is no concrete evidence on what causes this disease, it is believed that since it affects the lungs it may be caused by something that is inhaled such as a virus or bacteria, or an unidentified environmental toxin.

With the exception of Puerto Ricans, African Americans have one of the highest asthma prevalence rates of any racial or ethnic group. UV-C home air purifiers cover larger square footage and LED High Bay Light ensure that more of your home is protected from harmful bacteria, viruses, and illnesses. Although the exact cause of asthma is still under investigation, there are several key triggers that can irritate the airways in one's lungs, resulting in an asthma attack.

Individuals or families that wish to improve indoor air quality in their home can use whole-house UV-C air cleaners that work on a much larger scale by hooking up to the air conditioning system.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is typically comprised of two related diseases: chronic bronchitis and emphysema both which are caused by smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke. These particulates, which are approximately one thirtieth the width of a strand of hair, easily pass through nasal or throat passages and make their way into the lungs where they destroy lung tissue and cilia. The UV clarifier often employs a HEPA filter and a UV light bulb (probe) to trap and destroy a large variety of airborne particulates, including dust mites, pollen, pet dander, germs, chemical fumes, and odors.

In recognition of Black History Month, the American Lung Association highlights a range of disorders that have been disproportionately affecting certain racial populations of the U. When the particles are trapped, this ultraviolet light actually mutilates the DNA of micro-organisms, including dust mites, bacteria, mold spores, and viruses.
Chronic lung disease such as asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis has affected more than 25 million Americans. However, for African Americans over the age of 65, nearly seventy-fiver percent lead to death.

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