An ambulance will carry life saving equipment

2017-07-17 16:06:32 | 日記
An ambulance will carry life saving equipment and all of the kits they need to treat many things. Firefighting equipment will include breathing apparatus, ladders and door entry tools. A police vehicle will probably have an onboard computer and the officers will have essential items on their duty belts such as batons and restraints. The single thing that all emergency vehicles need is some form of advance warning of their approach and that is normally the LED light bar and the siren. Without those two things, the vehicle and the personnel inside would be far more vulnerable on our roads and city streets.
Maximizing safety of their personnel will be something that most agencies and emergency response teams will know about. A LED light bar ensures vehicles are visible in all weather and light conditions and that is crucial to maintaining safety. Many of us if we do see any flashing lights on the highway or on a roadside we do immediately react and that is a good thing. Unbelievably however there are some people who are so cocooned in their vehicles with soundproofing, loud music and distractions that they don't hear a siren or see flashing lights.
The LED light bar units that are available today are incredibly versatile and some police ones have a multitude of different functions. Some light bars have take down lights, ally lights and strobe lights all in one unit, along with traffic advisor lights. The versatility of the LED light bar means it is here to stay and will continue to play a big part in the emergency vehicle lighting world. When you analyze the way light bars have developed it's not hard to see why they have become so popular. The single strobe light used to be the most advanced warning light there was available for most emergency services but now the range of lighting is huge. The first responder's jobs are extremely difficult, it is never easy, and they almost certainly risk their own life and limbs on a daily basis.
Keeping them safe pays off as it means should we ever need their assistance we know they can be called and that they will respond quickly. Flashing lights help clear a path through traffic but the LED light bar can do so much more, it can advise and guide traffic and illuminate an area at roadside scenes. The importance of lights on emergency vehicles can't be overstated but the lighting can easily be overdone. Imagine coming upon an accident at night where there are several different emergency vehicles in attendance. Fire trucks, police cruisers and ambulances all with vast banks of flashing lights and headlights can and will distract and disorient drivers. Distracting drivers can be detrimental and actually cause secondary accidents at the original accident scene. Getting the balance of the full range of LED light bar units on a vehicle is crucial to maintaining safety. Too many lights are as bad as too little lights.
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