Is Goodell Good Enough To Lead The NFL

2017-06-16 09:40:42 | 日記

  An icon. A legend. A remarkable person on and off the racetrack. Bryan Clauson truly lived the dream.— USAC Racing (@USACNation)

  It's surreal to think Bryan Clauson is gone. He was one of the good ones. He was kind, funny, and a damn good driver. Heavy heart today.????— Danica Patrick (@DanicaPatrick)

  It's a very sad day today losing . Just remember God is in control and has a plan for all of us. Bryan was a great driver/guy!— Tony Stewart (@TonyStewart)

  I think it is kind of appropriate we have cars running today. Keep Bryan's family & fiancé in your prayers. — J. Douglas Boles (@jdouglas4)

  Deford: Is Goodell Good Enough To Lead The NFL? Commentary NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at a press conference in May. Goodell's handling of concerns LED Canopy Light about concussions and controversies surrounding players has led commentator Frank Deford to wonder whether Goodell is up to the job. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's piddling suspension of Ray Rice of the Ravens for a mere two games for Rice's apparent violent attack upon his then-fiancee, now wife, has been met with shock and disappointment. But for now, never mind Ray Rice. The larger question is whether Goodell is good enough to serve as the leader of the NFL. Football is not only the most popular game in this country, but something more than that. In today's divided America, what other entertainment — what other institution — means so much to so many people, across all of our class, educational, racial and ethnic spectra? Don't we need someone of greater stature at the helm of the NFL? Someone who appreciates that he should, if only symbolically, be the steward of all of football America? It is the power of football today that begs for a leader with greater perspective and sensitivity. Click on the audio link above to hear Deford's take on the issue.

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