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Light fixture creates an illumination or an artificial light. A type of lighting fixture, which is known as luminaries, consists of a light source or lamp. It also consists of a reflector to direct the light. There is an aperture, which is with or without a lens. There is an outer shell or housing for the alignment and protection of the lamp. If required there is electrical ballast with this light fixture and one more requirement is the connection to a power source. For the use in different fields like in aerospace, marine and medicine and also in automotive industry light fixtures are used which are created in a wide variety to serve all this purpose.
Usually the light fixtures are classified according to the function and type of the lamp. Different types of light fixtures are available. Fixtures type consists of portable or free standing which includes standard lamps, office task lights, table lamps, balanced arm lamp, night light and gooseneck lamp. Fixed light consists of recessed light, cans with variety of lights, cove light, torch lamp, surface mounted light, pendant light, track lighting fixture, high bay or low bay lighting, under cabinet lighting, strips lights or industrial lights and sconce.There are outdoor lighting fixtures, which are used to illuminate or LED Bulbs up the area of walkways, parking lots and also the roadways.
The outdoor lighting is also used up to illuminate architectural details, landscape and also the exteriors of building. All the outdoor lighting fixtures come under fixed light. There are stanchions mounted or pole, which is used for roadways, landscape and the parking lots. Solar lamp, yard light, street light and bollards are some of the example of outdoor lighting fixtures. Now-a-days light company has come up with some special purposed lights which are user friendly and affordable. There are background light which are used in films and television production, safety lamps which are used in coal mines, wall washer, safe light which are used in a dark room, flood light, search light which are used in military and also for advertising.
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