The cost of the LED light bar also varies over a wide range

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When you are purchasing an LED light bar, you will be mesmerized by the wide array of choices from which you can pick. Coiled wire plugs, magnetic base for mounting on metallic surfaces and polycarbonate lenses are also usually available with these light bars. The variety includes a wide range of dimensions suited for various purposes, whether it is for decorative purposes or for emergency vehicle lighting. For example, you can get a light bar which costs under $100.
You can find an expensive LED light bar with moisture resistant gaskets and corner LED modules designed to enhance the resiliency and efficiency of lighting. The design also makes it easy to control, repair and replace individual components thus making their installation as well as dismantling extremely easy. Black polycarbonate base and a casing made of extruded aluminum help not only in structural efficiency and stability but also in easy heat dissipation. In some cases, you will get additional benefits that include rotating lights which are driven by gears and can be controlled by a simple switch. Apart from easy component access, high quality and expensive light bars come with permanent mounting so that they are more stable and less vulnerable to damage caused by vibration and high impact. The low profile light bar comes with clear lenses which are virtually undetectable when the LEDs are turned off.

You can also find an LED light bar which costs over $1000. There are heavy equipment emergency LED Panel Light lighting as well as LED lights which are portable and lightweight. The features, benefits, energy saving and warranty are all of a much higher standard, thus giving you total value for money. The simple light bar will provide you good 360 degree lighting and visibility and will also give you special effects and up to 75 flashes per minute. Integrated LED modules can be configured very easily and operated and replaced separately to enhance the utility of the light bars. There are advanced light bars with some sophisticated features that offer greater efficiency and operation control. For example, a $1000 light bar will have a stylish and sleek modular design with aerodynamic styling. Mounting ease and installation simplicity are two features which are found in high quality light bars. There is a wide spectrum of colors too including red, blue, amber, grey and white. Additional features like take-downs, alley lights and passenger side cables are also available in some of the modern light bars. In spite of all LED Filament Bulb the functionalities, the LED modules usually don’t weigh in excess of 30 pounds. Simple enhancements like the use of diagonal mirrors will allow you to get more out of your light bar. Moreover you get advanced optics involving the use of lenses, clear and non-fluted, colored filters and deflectors to enhance the effectiveness of the light bars wherever they are used. There are also simple light bars that provide you with bright light whenever you want them.
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