Such kind of light curing unit is completely luminescent

2017-06-20 09:16:02 | 日記
When you are purchasing, you can align the LED Bulbs side on the palms, irradiating in glare mode, determine the temperature rise felt by the palms, it is appropriate that the temperature felt by the palm is not too hot. Of course, the curing effect of completely luminescent LED light curing unit is being recognized by more and more doctors.LEDs used by LED light curing unit The LEDs used by LED light curing unit can be divided into two categories: special high-brightness LEDs and high power LED. The former usually uses a group of seven or more LEDs, collecting light and deriving through spotlighting type optical bar.
Such kind of light curing unit is completely luminescent, the spot temperature rise is tiny, which is hardly to feel the resin temperature rise, but its intensity is lower if tested by traditional light meter, which is usually 250-350mW/cm2. And the light intensity emitted by high-power LEDs is higher; some single LED can make the light strong up to 700 or even 1000mW/cm2. However, compared with the former, its spectral range is wider and has also a certain degree of fever.Welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory and inspect our LED light curing machine.With rich experience in manufacturing quality LED light curing machine, our company has attached great importance to make innovations at LED light curing machine. If you are interested in any of our LED light curing machine, please let us know.
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