The MPC was fabricated with minimal modification

2017-06-02 09:53:33 | 日記
(a,b) Unpolarized RGB pictures of Cervix 1 and Cervix 2 respectively. (c,d) Standard deviation of the Azimuth computed for each pack of 3?×?3 pixels.
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In this work, the first Mueller Polarimetric Colposcope (MPC) capable of the in vivo analysis of the uterine cervix has been presented. The MPC was fabricated with minimal modification of a classic colposcope, as is currently used for cervical cancer screening. This new imaging tool can be easily used by a practitioner without changing their current practices and enables the fast acquisition of reliable in vivo Mueller polarimetric LED Down Light images, thus eliminating any blurring effects due to patient movements.

The design, calibration and image analysis procedure have been specified above. The MPC has been tested previously on a number of ex vivo healthy cervical specimens from total hysterectomies of women displaying normal Pap smear results. These samples were also analyzed with a Mueller Imaging Polarimeter (MIP) in backscattering configuration, routinely used for polarimetric imaging of ex vivo cervical specimens. The MIP measurements were used as a reference to confirm the accuracy of the data obtained with the MPC. Then, still using the ex vivo cervical specimens, a set of suitable operating conditions were determined for the MPC to achieve an acquisition time compatible with in vivo measurements. Finally the MPC was tested in vivo in real-world conditions on a number of healthy uterine cervices for patients with normal Pap smear.
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