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VCS-319 日本語版と英語版、VCS-319 学習体験談

2017-06-16 16:47:13 | Veritas
NO.1 Which set of logs would best help an administrator troubleshoot Outlook client connectivity
issues with the Enterprise Vault server?
A. the Enterprise Vault Client log and a dtrace log output of the StorageCrawler process on the
Enterprise Vault server
B. the latest Internet Information Services (IIS) log on the Enterprise Vault server and the Symantec
Enterprise Vault Converters event log on the Enterprise Vault server
C. the dtrace log output of the StorageFileWatch process and the VaultCachePH.log file from the
client computer
D. the latest Internet Information Services (IIS) log on the Enterprise Vault server and the Enterprise
Vault Client log
Answer: D

VCS-319 合格

NO.2 An administrator is preparing to move the Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.x for Exchange (EV)
server to new hardware. The EV indexes and vault stores have been backed up.
Which two customized components of EV should be backed up and available for the move? (Select
A. Configuration.exe.config
B. the License File
C. Vault Cache Location
D. Server Cache Location
E. Mailbox .msg files in \Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault
Answer: B,E

VCS-319 絶対

NO.3 What must be run to initiate a failover in a building blocks environment?
A. Global Cluster Option
B. Update Service Locations
C. Convert to Cluster Wizard
D. Getting Started Wizard
Answer: C

VCS-319 専門

NO.4 A check of the archive reports shows that only half of the mailboxes are being archived
successfully during the scheduled archiving run.
How should the administrator ensure that all of the mailboxes are being archived?
A. increase the number of items per pass from 1000 to 2000
B. increase the archiving schedule window for the mailbox archiving task
C. create a new system mailbox and assign it to the archiving task
D. increase the number of concurrent connections in the archiving task properties from five to ten
Answer: B

自分自身のIT技能を増強したいか。一回だけでVeritasのVCS-319 日本語版と英語版に合格したいか。Pass4Testは最も質の良いVeritasのVCS-319 日本語版と英語版を提供できるし、君の認定試験に合格するのに大変役に立ちます。

試験科目:「Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 11.x」
問題と解答:全135問 VCS-319 試験対応

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