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My Story Time: Glory's Door

2016-11-06 15:05:33 | My Short S...

Hello EveryoneWink


Another One Is Here Of My Original Gothic Short Stories! This One Is Called Glory'S Door. Enjoy My Nightmares EveryoneGrinningTehepero


Glory's Door


Knock Knock

When will you open Just For Me

That door that glows so bright in the Darkness of Each Night


When Will That Time Come for Me

That Day you can Enter Effortlessly

Seeing Others Walk through As they give off a Vivid Glow


I see my own glow start to dim as Muted Grey Scale Ideals Take Control

And Each Time I Run towards that Open Door

It Slams in Front of Me making My Light Flicker almost To the Point of Oblivion


Knock Knock

With All My Might

Laughing voices echo all around at My Wasted Efforts

Facing My Extinction

I Race Towards that Gorgeous Door One More Time


I stop Right In Front of It and give My Biggest Smile

I Stretch My Arms Out Wide

As I Fall Back From The Closing Doors


Knock Knock, I say out loud

Laughing to Myself, I realized

There never was a Door to Being With

All was Just an Illusion

I am the Door

I always was


Knock Knock

I can finally hear it now

Knock Knock

As finally Stand on My Own

I turn to open That Door I Closed and Locked Away So Long Ago

Inner Self Welcome Back with My Arms Open Wide

As My Heart Begins to Beat Once More

My Real Glory Beings

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