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My Story Time: Rosy Obsession

2016-11-06 12:16:03 | My Short S...

Hello Everyone =D

This is an original Gothic Short Story I created for your reading pleasure. Enjoy my Kawaii Nightmares known as Rosy Obsession. ^__~

My Rosy Obsession


Obsession 1

How fun it is to stare but not be seen

My next person has no idea

They continue to type about me

As if that will stop me


Obsession 2

Continuing my collections

The missing pieces of their memories become My Masterpiece

As they Sleep, I am the Queen and King of their Nightmares

Their Fear of me keeps my Image locked securely inside of their Subconscious


Obsession 3

Seeing him from afar, oh how much I have collected from you

Your hair, your clothes, your arms, your legs, your eyes, lips, heart

You are all warped up in that pretty Birthday Box just for Me


Obsession 4

Taking more of your youth away

I smile at your panicked expression

You look so cute this way

As you throw more and more of yourself away for others

I keep these pieces of you forever in my music box

Replaying the Self you can never reclaim

What beautiful music you use to make


Obsession 5

He never knew when I would strike

Everyone become my present sooner or later

Gift Wrapped so nicely like a Christmas Present

How about you? When will you come to be my present?

I am just Kidding. You don’t know

Only I know the answer to that.

My beautiful garden, My Rosy Obsession

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