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My Story Time: What is A Soul?

2016-11-07 12:20:37 | My Short S...

Hello Everyone, 

here is another short story creation! Enjoy the Nightmare called What is a Soul? ^_^


What is a Soul?


This unknown feeling of oneness 

What is life?

What is Freedom?


These feelings always come to mind when I think of this question

My Purpose is voided when I truly give this question thought

Crashing over and over in this World

All becomes meaningless


Where is that feeling I long to capture

Where my Soul truly lives

Soul-less is the form I take here in this world


Creativity my only freedom I have

Colors that vibrate in the Crushing Light

Darkness is the only sign that colors Exist


When will I find my song

That song that makes others listen

What is a Soul


Just a human concept?

I am not contained by a word

I am not described by a song

I am a feeling that transcends life and death


A scream in the silence

Why must I be contained

Why do you call me just a Soul? 

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