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They consist of Fire Retardant ACP panel came machines

2017-06-28 14:31:15 | 日記
You will find two basic Fire Retardant ACP panel: kuumakammiolaitteet and kylmäkammiolaitteet. They are used in the amount of clamping force that they can use.

Fire Retardant ACP panel
also called hanhenkaulalaitteiksi, referred to the steel melt in the swimming pool, which gives food to die. At the beginning of the period from the engine, the piston is in fact retracted, filling the molten steel with the "gooseneck". To force the actual pneumatic or hydraulic pistons to force this special metal of the goose neck to death.

The advantages of this program are fast round events (about 15 minutes series) and also caused the real with the machine metal casting melting comfort. System events are usually the fact that the high-melting metal can not be used, but also Fire Retardant ACP panel can not be used because it extracts a few with a bath in the molten iron. As a result Fire Retardant ACP panel is connected with the first control zinc, tanks and other metals.

The cold chamber machines:

These are used when the actual casting layer is not used kuumakammiovälineissä; They consist of Fire Retardant ACP panel came machines, zinc alloys formed with high aluminum, magnesium and copper structure. Process for the beginning of these types of machines of molten metal inside the actual separate heating.
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