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◇Today's a la carte by genre-Ⅱ

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◇Today's a la carte by genre-Ⅱ

原 発

新もんじゅの悪知恵New cunning of Monju160410-h160501-d §21


五 輪

森の中の五輪The Olympiad in the forest160207-a160424-h §20

井の中の五輪The Olympiad in the well160425-a160525-b §23

アマリオオリンピアンA marionette Olympian160903-a~160830-a §42

政 治

新しいパンダ、ん?Are you a new panda, do?160603-b~160613-b §28

徴兵制争点隠しThe campaign pledge of hidden conscription160705-e160630-a §32

甘リーマンショックAbe and Amari who give a shock similar to failure of Lehman Brothers160706-e160601-a §33

アべ軽装委員会A be lightly dressed  Committee160710-h151226-b §36

司 法

東京地方ヤメ検地位協定The Status of Agreement of the person who resigned as a public prosecutor in Tokyo160606-a160607-f §26

外 交

伊勢志摩ひサミットLast summit in Ise-Shima for somebody160514-e160529-j §24

宗 教

洗脳人間革命Revolution of brainwashed human beings151212-b160508-b §22

行 政

経済犯産業省The economic criminal Department of Industry151204-a160604-c §25


生 活

落ちた日本史ねThe ruin history of Japan160414-e160610-b §27

安倍打倒罵倒観音An issue on assembly elections of the House of Councilors160724-g151115-a §31

行列のできる法律僧団Lawyer monk organization whom people gather for160724-b160723-b §38


都 政

人間革命・都知事篇Brainwashing revolution : The canto of Tokyo  governor160518-c160615-b §29

ますぞえ多々利魔戦The own goal election by the ruling party160724-d160619-a §39

イロハにお江戸選Oedo election with Japanese ABCs160730-c160722-c §40


選 挙

参議院選争点An issue on assembly elections of the House of Councilors160313-e160625-d §30

参院選与党キャンペーン「多い甘利くん」Upper House election ruling party campaign slogan < many Amari-kun >160707-d160406-c §34

参院選野党キャンペーン「甘利の余り」Upper House election opposition party campaign160711-a160517-c §37


安 保

辺野古基地外法権Extraterritoriality of the Henoko base160708-e151126-a §35 


皇 室

戦前退位Abdication as valid symbols before the war1160818-e~160804-b §41






written by uMe Hasewo by the name of ウメはせを


◇Today's a la carte by genre

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