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◇Today's a la carte by genre-Ⅴ

2017年04月03日 21時55分30秒 | Reference

◇Today's a la carte by genre-Ⅴ

政 治 

自民二回感じちやう 170131-d~170120-d §81 

おもしろて御免党 Ultimate fool political party170225-d~161103-a §92 

鬱苦しいニッポン Unattractive Japan170226-e160310-d §93 

 自民狂暴罪 Liberal Democratic conspiracy170227-d~170109-h §94 

一億総カツアゲ社会 The society in which the people of 100 million are blackmailed170308-c~160101-a §98

特定秘密改ざん法 The Law for tampering the specific secret170313-a~1160202-a §99


五 輪

I ノーC I know C 170205-a~161102-a §82

丸の中の五輪 Eternal No More Olympics170222-d~161129-c §91

内 閣

低俗とよばれた男 A be man called vulgar170206-c~161216-a §83

パクチー官傍観長官 Chief Cabinet Secretary as a bystander who likes Pakuchi170212-b~170109-a §86

超法的朝的政権Lawless government like the enemy of Emperor 170307-h~161030-a §97


宗 教 

日蓮托生 Gambling religion without worth of 1 yen170207-e~161209-b §84

選 挙 

チヨダ苦情選 Chiyoda complaint battle170210-e~170129-d §85


生 活 

異成人の日 Different Coming-of-Age Day170214-f~170108-h §87


調 査 

内閣維持率 Cabinet upkeep rate170219-h~170214-a §88


教 育 

安倍疑念人造小学校The artificial elementary school which was made of questionable Abe170221-e~170218-b §89

森トモ安倍トモ学園ABcchool which is calluspicious forest170302-f~170223-b §95


早稲田の森のウッソーFake Waseda's dense forest170305-d~170202-a §96

170317-b~170303-b §100


原 発 

原子力寄生庁 Nuclear Parasitic Agency170222-d~151219-c §90



§81~§100… 151213-e~170317-b◇


written by uMe Hasewo by the name of ウメはせを


◇Today's a la carte by genre


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