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Today's a la carte 



◆総無省⑦ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161026-b
(◆Ministry of No More Internal Affairs and Communications)   

◆行き渡る国③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161026-a
(◆To the country where despair is spread out)   

◆森の膿塩水競技場② ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161025-e


◆一億総カツアゲ社会⑦ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160916-d
(◆The society in which the people of 100 million are blackmailed)   

◆次の惜しい働き方 ぴよぴよウメ161025-b

(◆The future of Miserable working style)  

◆甘利な検察庁⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161024-b

(◆The Public Prosecutor's Office which covers up a crime of Abe) 

◆日本カジノ維新③④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161024-a
(◆Japanese restoration for Casino)   

◆2/3分でできる改憲⑤ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161020-d
(◆Constitution that can be amended in between 2/3 minutes)

◆時事イ通信⑧ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161020-b
(◆Old Geezer Newsletter) 

 ◆内閣縫製局⑦ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161016-c
(◆the Cabinet Sewing Bureau)  

 ◆大阪バカ万博構想① ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160929-a
(◆Osaka fool Expo)   

◆池の中の五厘④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160927-d
(◆Olympic like five-1000ths yen coins which fell into the pond

◆NH刑⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160911-b 

(◆NH death penalty) 

◆新説プッチン大臣① ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160902-b
(◆New theory Putchin pudding Minister)

◆徴兵経済同友会⑤ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160831-f
(◆The Japan Conscription Committee for Economic Development)    

◆アベリーマンショック死相④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160818-a 
(◆The minister who will die in Abe Lehman shock) 

◆自民党スマップ細胞事件⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160815-b 
(◆The Incident of Jiminto Smap Cell ) 

◆東京新党② ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160730-b  

(◆Tokyo New Party)   

◆アベノ果実⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160730-a  
(◆Fruits of Evil)  

◆鬱苦しいニッポン⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160717-a  
(◆Unattractive Japan)  

◆ニッポン罪団② ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160709-b  
(◆Sinful Japan Foundation) 

◆防衛省・沖縄防霊局④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160709-a  
(◆The Okinawa Bureau for Exorcism of Ministry of Defense)

◆原子力寄生庁⑤ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160706-c  
(◆Nuclear Parasitic Agency) 

◆そんなパナマ⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160704-d
(Oh, absurd Panama)  

◆電気イス事業連合会⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160704-c
(Electric Chair Business Federation)    

◆立法府の超詐称事件③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160625-b 
(◆Ultra-falsification incident of the legislature)

◆赤坂逆さか放送局③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160623-d
(Akasaka inverted broadcaster) 

◆I'm not エイブ⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160605-b 
(I'm not ABE) 

◆ジュニア金融庁④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160530-a
(◆Financial Services Agency which even  the Junior can do)

◆反省なき司法⑤ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160524-c
(◆The judiciary without the remorse)

◆ケセラセ-ラムーン③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160522-e
(◆Que Sera, Sera-Moon)

◆特定秘密改ざん法③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160421-c
(◆The Law for tampering the specific secret) 

(◆博徒経済産業省⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160419-c 
(◆Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for Gambler)

◆怪進撃の巨人③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160417-b
(◆Attack No.1 suspicious Titan)

◆自民党辛死録⑦ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160410-m
(◆Who's who which is a painful death in the Liberal Democratic Party)

◆自民党粛除録③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160325-a
(◆Who's who can not admit as a lady other than a woman of the Liberal Democratic Party)

◆習刊読売切④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160316-d
(◆Bitter weekly magazine which is published in a custom)

◆狂同通信④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160227-f
(◆Co-lunatic communication)

◆アベノミクス-マイナス法案⑤ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160221-h
(◆Abenomics-Minus law bill)

(◆Eternal trouble by slip of tongue)

◆yABEe国防軍阻止① ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160206-e
(◆Stop Dangerous Defence Force)

◆外務伏魔殿で省② ⇔ぴよぴよウメ151229-b
(◆Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the devil lurking)

◆紛い物が次々出てくるアベ政権⑤ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ151009-b
(◆Abe Administration with many imitations and crooks)


As one for uMe's world 


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