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2017年10月27日 00時33分51秒 | PiyoPiyo uMe A la ca

 Today's a la carte 



◆新党加計問大党④ ぴよぴよウメ171027-a  
The political party which has a great question at a incident of Kake school)

◆浅はかさサカス④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ1701026-a 
(◆Awful shame of Akasakas) 

◆準強姦傍観菅房長官④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ171025-c
(◆Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga with hiding rape sin) 

サクラ策③ ぴよぴよウメ171025-b
(◆The plan to make fake cherry blossoms bloom)

小迷党 ぴよぴよウメ171024-b 
(◆Small Delusional Party)

無民党⑦ ぴよぴよウメ171023-b 
The political party without politicians)  

◆…だからクジ③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ171022-b  
... Therefore it is a lottery)

◆ハゲの皮③ ぴよぴよウメ171021-c 
(◆Wolf wearing a little sheep's clothes)

残念なテレビ④ ぴよぴよウメ171010-b
(◆unfortunate TV)

◆アベノミクス-マイナス法案⑧ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ171002-c
(◆Abenomics-Minus law bill)

◆盛りDe Oympic③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170928-b
(◆The muddy Olympic with suspicions)

◆必殺仕事死人内閣③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170928-a 
(◆Death of the cabinet which should work by all means)

元々官ポロ長官④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170925-c
Person who was fundamentally unsuitable for Chief Cabinet Secretary)

◆余党連合⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170908-a  
(◆Japanese Trade Union Confederation that became government's slave) 

◆新聞死協会④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170905-a  
An organization of journalist who faced the death of newspapers) 

◆紛い物が次々出てくるアベ政権⑧ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170830-a
(◆Abe Administration with many imitations and crooks)

 ◆お笑い内閣総理大臣杯⑤  ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170825-a 
(◆The medal issued by the Cabinet that is being laughed at by citizens) 

◆こんな非道たち③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170713-a
(◆Such unreasonable people)

◆文科の回心③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170703-b
(◆Redo of MEXT)  

◆狂同通信⑧ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170702-a
(◆Co-lunatic communication) 

◆自死通信④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170608-a  
(◆Suicide by the mass media)

◆日本ハジノ維新④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170524-a
(◆Shameful revolution in Japan)  

◆iPsもんじゅ⑧ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170519-d 
(◆Induced pluripotent nuclear plant) 

◆ニッポン罪団⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170519-c
(◆Sinful Japan Foundation)

◆必殺-2!! 自民印象捜査③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170402-a
(◆An assassination technology of the LDP called impression investigation)  

◆天り下り⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170401-a
(◆Golden paratroops into heaven)  

◆ロト口惜し④  ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170330-b 
(◆People who win lottery everyday)   

◆政官財共同謀議罪⑤  ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170316-e 
(◆Joint conspiracy sin for politicians & officials & economic people)

◆yABEe国防軍阻止⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170313-d   
(◆Stop Dangerous Defence Force) 

◆反省なき司法⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170305-a 
◆The judiciary without the remorse)

◆大阪都事情百条委員会④  ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170304-a 
(◆The committee which punches Osaka 100 times because they do not want the capital city Osaka) 

◆失敬新聞②  ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170303-g 
(◆Economic newspapers which lost sight of economy) 

◆都庁百畳委員会③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170216-h
(◆Tokyo Metropolitan Government Committee for doing 100 times slaps)

◆昔の事件喜捨② ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170204-f
(◆A journalist who erased old incidents)

◆靖国賽銭泥棒⑤ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170126-c
(◆Donation thief by the name of Yasukunijinja)

◆ジュニア金融庁⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ170111-c
(◆Financial Services Agency which even the Junior can do)

◆新説プッチン大臣③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161112-a
(◆New theory Putchin pudding Minister)

◆立法府の超詐称事件④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ161101-a
(◆Ultra-falsification incident of the legislature)

◆徴兵経済同友会⑤ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160831-f
(◆The Japan Conscription Committee for Economic Development)

◆アベリーマンショック死相④ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160818-a
(◆The minister who will die in Abe Lehman shock)

◆東京新党② ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160730-b
(◆Tokyo New Party)

◆そんなパナマ⑥ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160704-d
(◆Oh, absurd Panama)

◆ケセラセ-ラムーン③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160522-e
(◆Que Sera, Sera-Moon)

◆怪進撃の巨人③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160417-b
(◆Attack No.1 suspicious Titan)

◆自民党辛死録⑦ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160410-m
(◆Who's who which is a painful death in the Liberal Democratic Party)

◆自民党粛除録③ ⇔ぴよぴよウメ160325-a
(◆Who's who can not admit as a lady other than a woman of the Liberal Democratic Party)


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