A glass bottle is a bottle created from glass

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The Hollow Bottles fit in most modern sophisticated Micro Processor Controlled Stepper Motor Drive, Fiber Optic Label and Container sensing system. This machine is a single sided sticker labeling machine is appropriate to apply accurate labels on front or back side of plane/oval/square shaped goods.A glass bottle is a bottle created from glass . Glass bottles can vary in size considerably, but are most commonly found in sizes ranging between about 10ml and 5 litres.The history of glass can be traced back to at least 12,000 BC where glass coated objects have been found.

Millions of glass bottles are created worldwide every day. In the US, there is an average of at least two bottle-making factories in each county. It is a highly mechanized process, and bottles in use today are no longer hand blown as they were in the past.A glass bottle is 100% recyclable with many new bottles containing glass which was created over 20 years ago. Less energy is used in recycling a glass bottle than creating the glass from raw materials, helping the environment.

Glass bottle manufacturing takes place over several stages. To briefly outline the processes from beginning to end: raw material, melting, forming, annealing, physical inspection, machine & laser inspection, secondary physical inspection, quality control, and finally packing.Glass bottles are sometimes reinforced through lamination. Laminated safety glass is made by coating a glass surface with a layer of plastic. When a standard glass bottle is dropped, the glass breaks and scatters. When a laminated bottle is dropped, the glass still breaks but the layer of plastic remains intact, keeping the glass pieces together.

Bottles are made a variety of ways, most contemporary commercial glass bottles are 'mold blown' or 'pressed'. simplistically, silica sand and additives for strength and color are heated to above 1,000 degrees Farenheit, until the sand melts, and becomes fluid, this is molten glass. It is then blown into a balloon-like shape on the end of a tube. In commercial mold blown and pressed glass applications, this 'balloon' of glass is blown inside a bottle-shaped mold of two, three or more pieces, depending on the complexity of the design.
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