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Action stations!

2017年12月15日 | 英語の本を読む
James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahlを読んでいます。
There were more sharks than ever now around the peach. The water was boiling with them. There must have been ninety or a hundred at least. And to the travelers on top, it certainly seemed as though the peach were sinking lower and lower into the water.
"Action stations!" James shouted. "Jump to it! There's not a moment to lose!" He was the captain now, and everyone knew it.
"Action stations!" は二つの名詞が並んだ表現の様ですが、文脈からすると命令に違いありません。辞書を見ます。
・Oxford English Dictionary: The positions taken up by military personnel in preparation for action (often as a command or signal to prepare for action): Copland ordered action stations at midnight
・Collins Dictionary: the positions taken up by individuals in preparation for or during a battle: If Jocard's team was indeed at action stations, they must inevitably have lost touch at that point
. ・Cambridge English Dictionary: used to tell people to get ready immediately to do the particular jobs that they have been given to do: Right, everyone - action stations! We're starting in three minutes.
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